Custom Software Development: Why is it Important for The Travel and Hospitality Industry?

COAX software develops, maintains, and sustains special Software and can help solve rather complex and non-trivial business problems or develop new competitive products and services.

Custom software development

Why do you need custom software development? Travel & Hospitality development provides an exceptional opportunity to build Software for the Travel & Hospitality industry, digitize processes, solve unique user/partner/customer challenges or business needs and create benefits specifically for you. If you do everything like everyone else, you use the same programs everyone uses, you keep your processes on par with others, and you will be in the IT market.

In contrast, Travel & Hospitality development services provide the opportunity to gain the ability to multi-functionally develop quality, state-of-the-art custom software that is an asset to many companies as they embark on a digital business transformation or create a stand-alone digital product that may be more successful than the company behind it.

What else can you do with a custom software development service for Travel & Hospitality:

  • Implement a new process for which standard Software was not enough;
  • Increasing the protection of corporate information;
  • Automation/digitization/robotization of Travel & Hospitality processes;
  • Increase convenience for your customers or partners by creating your app or chatbot/website.

Think outside the box and do what no one has done before.

What are the benefits of custom Travel & Hospitality software development at COAX Software?

COAX software’s team of engineers, designers, testers, developers, and managers fulfills different roles in a project for the Travel & Hospitality industry; each employee does their job well. Project teams at COAX Software are hired with technical skills and the industry competencies and communication skills required for a specific project.

Software development includes creating, designing, implementing, and maintaining computer software. For several decades, the challenge has been to find a repeatable, predictable process or method that will improve productivity, quality, and reliability in development.

Some have tried to systematize and formalize this seemingly unpredictable process. Others used project management and software development methods for this. Others believed software development would spiral out of control without constant customer reviews and absorb added time and money.

Software development management experience is reflected in relevant manuals, procedures, and standards. It makes sense to create a unique solution if several standards and regulatory documents are used during development.

The creation of quality software in the field of Travel & Hospitality offers and uses the technology of developing a reliable software solution based on methods of structural programming, testing, and verification of the program based on science-based programming methods for systematic analysis of the correctness of algorithms and for creating programs without algorithmic errors. This methodology is aimed at practical problem-solving. Structured software design methodology can be used with different programming languages and tools to develop reliable programs for other purposes.

When choosing a software development methodology, you should be guided by the fact that the complexity of the method is comparable to the complexity of the structure of the software product; the unjustified complexity of the methodology for the product will ensure a disproportionate increase in financial development costs. An example of a modern design methodology is problem-based design.

Effective development processes and methods

Requirements gathering, business analysis, planning, design, software development for the Travel & Hospitality industry, testing, implementation, support, and development. The process is one of the greatest assets of a development company; Improved processes ensure that COAX Software clients achieve the highest possible results within their budget and on time.

Possessing modern technologies, artificial intelligence technologies, and systems with a high level of use, rapid development, and vast opportunities in the technology stack allow you to maintain the optimal size of the team, develop products faster than competitors, and prevent technical obsolescence of projects.

Competition in the world of software development and digital products is primarily technological. COAX Software guarantees the launch of projects within the signed deadlines and agreed budgets and also offers quality warranty support for projects with which a support contract is signed. COAX Software starts all projects and supports and develops them many years after commissioning.

The best proof of the effectiveness of the approaches and solutions is the excellent customer results achieved through customized Software and modern software products.

Software developer meeting

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Essential software development methods for the Travel & Hospitality industry: flexible methods for creating quality IT systems

Below is a brief overview of the leading agile development methods and a description of their essence.


The Scrum methodology is based on the concept of a sprint, during which work is done on a product. Before the start of each sprint, planning is conducted, during which the content of the product development task list is determined, and the creation of the overall project on which the team is working is evaluated.

A sprint is always limited in time, usually from a week to a month. Therefore, the project execution period is divided into sprints.


According to the Kanban methodology, the project is divided into phases, which are visualized in the form of a Kanban board. Grades include planning, development, testing, release, etc. Tasks like “cards” are transferred from phase to phase. New jobs can be added at any time. The study will close not after the specified time but after changing the status to “completed.”

Kanban is a lean development concept. The RUP methodology includes four critical phases of development (initial phase, refinement, construction, and implementation), each containing one or more iterations. RUP is a huge methodology, the solution of which is based on the statistics of commercially successful projects. DSDM is a methodology that demonstrates a set of rules and defined types of roles and techniques.

Methods focused on the main goal – to deliver the finished project on time and within the budget, with the possibility of adapting requirements during the development process. DSDM belongs to flexible software development methodologies, also to non-IT solution development.


RAD is a methodology that aims to develop applications quickly using visual modeling (prototyping) and various modern development tools. Small teams of developers use RAD; project completion times are 3-4 months, and clients take an active part in creating a software product. This methodology is based on requirements, but there is also the possibility of changes during system development.

Thanks to this approach, it is possible to reduce financial costs and development time to a minimum significantly.


XP is a methodology focused on constantly changing requirements for the project being developed. This methodology offers 12 practical steps to achieve the highest possible results under the same conditions efficiently. Including:

  • A simple development plan and the ability to change it during project creation;
  • Logical architectural solution;
  • Data analysis;
  • Simultaneous participation of many employees on one task;
  • Continuous integration and frequent minor releases of individual product components.

Despite numerous studies, opinions about the effectiveness of methods, principles, and methods are often based on personal experience, emotional reactions, and the competence of the manager who applied them. The model you like from the description is only sometimes the best for your project.

COAX Software’s experienced professionals – know many effective methods and approaches for effective software development in the Travel & Hospitality industry; the more they know, the greater your ability to manage projects by combining best practices.


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