What Does Deep Web Intelligence Do?

You don’t need us to tell you that the internet is terrifying. You don’t need us to tell you that the deep web is even scarier. Every single day on the deep web, there is bad actors planning terrible attacks against businesses.

Deep web intelligence

These threats may involve the theft of customer data. It could be the bringing of a server to its knees. It could be exploiting issues with a website’s code. Both big and small businesses are being targeted, and those businesses that don’t keep an eye out for threats often find their business on the line.

There are plenty of tools that can help to combat the deep web threat to a business. Deep web intelligence is one of the best, but what does it do?

What Is Deep Web Intelligence?

Deep web intelligence is essentially data that is gathered by trawling through the deep web.

The deep web, as you may well know, is the part of the internet that a typical user can’t access. It is hidden. You may have to use special browsers to access it e.g. TOR browser, but only some of the time.

Because the deep web is well hidden from the world and very anonymous, it makes the perfect place to plan attacks against a business or sell customer data that may have been stolen.

Deep web intelligence aims to counter these threats. It is about scanning the deep web and gaining information about threats against a specific business. Once this information has been gathered, a business can plan its next steps.

Deep web intelligence acts as a protector for businesses. Those companies that employ the tech of deep web intelligence companies are much less likely to be dealing with threats that could completely decimate their business.

How Does Deep Web Intelligence Work?

How deep web intelligence works can vary. Several factors will dictate which techniques are used. This includes:

  • The business offering these services.
  • The nature of the business that needs these services.
  • The threats that are being faced.

Because this service relies heavily on bad actors not knowing the techniques, the process can often change. Deep web intelligence providers will always need to stay ahead of the bad actors to ensure that nobody knows they are being spied upon.

For this reason, most providers will never discuss exactly how their systems work. They don’t need people to know.

Most systems will use a series of bots that look just like actual users. These bots will be sent into the deep web. They will be aimed at the parts of the deep web that pose the biggest threat. They will be keeping an eye out for certain keywords. If those keywords are spotted, then a report is generated.

The alerts will be generated in real-time. This allows businesses to take action to prevent the problem or perhaps do something that could quickly the fallout of a problem they have no way to prevent.

You can think of deep web intelligence as just one massive search tool trawling the darker parts of the web. It will always be on the hunt for content that may be useful to the company gathering deep web intelligence.

When used correctly, this form of intelligence gathering should prevent a good number of threats that may plausibly impact a business.

Final Thoughts

Deep web intelligence is essential for businesses nowadays. Both large and small companies have benefitted from it.

This method of intelligence gathering is all about searching for threats online and warning companies about any threats that may be related to their business.

By gathering intelligence, businesses can prevent threats before they happen or mitigate the fallout once they have occurred.

How all of this works will change over time. As tech improves and bad actors get wind of advancements in intelligence gathering, how deep web intelligence works will change. However, the goal is always the same; to protect businesses from threats.




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