Where to Buy Products For State, County, and Local Government Offices

If you run a government office, there are a variety of sources you can turn to for purchasing the products and services you need. Many rely on local vendors in their state, county, or city while others seek out nationally-recognized suppliers. You can also opt for working with a company with a GSA contract.

Government purchase contract agreement

Here are some of the most common places to buy products for government offices.

GSA eBuy

For federal agencies, GSA eBuy is the go-to marketplace for purchasing supplies and services. This program is run by the General Services Administration (GSA), and it provides access to over a million products from established government contractors. It also has a streamlined procurement process that helps to expedite orders in order to reduce costs. Purchasing through GSA eBuy can help government offices get the best prices on items they need.

All you have to do is sign in as a buyer and provide your GSA FAS ID Email Address. You can also use your PIV or CAC. A PIV card is a government-issued smart card for identity verification, and CAC stands for Common Access Card. To determine whether or not you can use your credentials for GSA eBuy, contact your agency or the GSA.

State, County, and Local Vendors

State, county and local vendors are a great resource for government offices looking to purchase products. They may not have access to the same number of suppliers as GSA eBuy does, but they may be able to provide more personalized service. Additionally, by buying from local vendors, government offices are helping to stimulate the local economy.

To find out if you have access to local vendors in your area, contact the Purchasing Department for your state or county. They can provide information about available suppliers as well as their terms and conditions.

Online Suppliers

There are a variety of online suppliers that also provide products for government offices. These companies typically offer competitive prices and can be great for ordering specialty items or for fulfilling large orders quickly. Just make sure that you’re buying from a reputable supplier and always confirm that the items you’re ordering meet government standards.

For instance, most online suppliers that are approved to sell to the government will have a GSA (General Services Administration) Contract Number. This number indicates that the company has gone through a bidding process and has been approved to sell products to government agencies.

To find online suppliers, you can use search engines for help. You can also navigate their website and search for more information on whether or not a company has a GSA contract. Most reputable online suppliers will also have their contact information listed so you can speak to a representative directly if needed, and will provide GSA contract information on their website.

Small Businesses

Small businesses are also eligible to participate in GSA contracts, and in fact, are viewed as some of the most trusted and dependable suppliers for government offices. They may not have the same resources as larger businesses, but they offer quality products at competitive prices and provide excellent customer service.

To find small business suppliers, you can search for them online using keywords such as “small business GSA contract” or “GSA certified small business”. You can also check out the Small Business Administration’s website for more information on how to find and work with government-certified small businesses.

The Bottom Line

No matter which supplier you use, make sure that you’re getting the best products and services for your needs. There are a variety of options available to government offices when it comes to purchasing products, including GSA eBuy, state and county vendors, online suppliers, and small businesses.

Do your research before making any purchases so you’re sure that you’re getting the best deals and quality products.


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