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When people join YouTube, they always aim to create content that will generate more views, likes, and comments. Most brands today have a YouTube presence that was not in the past years. This is because of the huge audience and people watching YouTube views today. Other than brands, individuals today have joined YouTube to make money by sharing videos about their daily life or things that interest them.

YouTube marketing

The reality of YouTube, like Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms, is that the number of views, likes, and comments represents your audience. If you have huge traffic, many people are viewing your content. But what if you do not have many followers or subscribers to view your content? This is where YouTube promotion comes in.

YouTube promotion is increasing your audience’s interaction with your content through various ways that help modify your content, which aims at reaching out to a bigger and larger audience.

Why is YouTube promotion important?

1. Brand visibility

Imagine if you are a brand and own a YouTube channel. If you decide to promote your YouTube channel, you have a high chance of making your brand to be recognized by many people.

Using some important YouTube promotion tools can help take your brand to the next level since customers will become aware of your brand’s existence.

2. Increases sales

YouTube promotion helps increase your sales as a brand. If you promote your YouTube channel and you start getting many views on your YouTube videos, many people will be aware of your brand and the products that you sell. If people love the products you sell, they will become eager to try and use the products, and in exchange, your brand is set to make huge sales.

Because most brands have moved from offline to online, promoting your you. If the channel gives your channel access to a huge audience, your audience is more likely to convert into buyers and buy your products.

3. It saves time

If you have ever owned a YouTube channel, then I bet you know how hard it is to gain views and, most importantly, subscribers. YouTube growth requires a lot of patience, and that is something that most people in our generation do not have. It can take you years to grow your YouTube channel which can be quite tiresome.

YouTube promotion helps save time that you would otherwise spend trying to grow your channel through making videos, hoping to get more views on your page.

4. Brand growth

YouTube promotion helps your brand to grow mainly due to the increased number of people who become aware of your brand and start purchasing products from it. The exposure that promotion of your YouTube channel gives you helps grow your brand.

If you have many people viewing the videos that you post of your brand, then it means that the majority of the viewers are your customers, thus equating to business growth.

YouTube marketing

Ways of promoting your YouTube and getting more views

There are different ways to promote your YouTube channel to gain more views. Some of them are;

1. In creating quality videos

When it comes to videos, the first thirty seconds of watching a YouTube video always determine whether we will continue watching the video or not. The quality of the videos you make really matters a lot. Always aim to create videos with good lighting and background music. This helps viewers to remain rooted in watching your video.

It would help if you considered investing in a good camera so as to shoot quality videos that will be attractive to viewers. The video quality should also go hand in hand with a good background playlist that will make the viewers enjoy watching the video for a long.

2. Create a catchy title

Most of the time, when we go to YouTube to watch videos, we always select videos that have catchy headlines to watch first before other videos. Catchy titles make most people curious to know what the whole video is all about. The title you create should have the keyword in it and be short and precise.

The title should not be clickbait since it can drive the audience away. Make sure that the title matches the content you share in your video. It has been proven that YouTube videos with very catchy titles have more views than those without.

3. Interact with your audience

This is another good way of promoting your YouTube channel to gain more views. Most people like YouTube channels in which the owner interacts with the audience. This shows that the owner cares about the people who watch his video and gives the audience the notion that the owner is authentic. This helps keep many audiences rooted in your videos, and the majority subscribe.

You can interact with your audience by commenting on their comments under your video. Or you can use the quick response buttons such as gifs and stickers that YouTube provides. You can also encourage your audience to comment on what they liked about your video or what they didn’t like and suggest on what they would love to see next time.

4. Use other platforms

Promoting your YouTube channel on YouTube is not enough. You can also promote it on other social media platforms, like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, by putting your YouTube channel link on your social media platforms. This will help your other followers on other platforms to know the existence of your YouTube channel, and they will then follow your channel and subscribe if they like the content you are posting.

You must also not forget what the power of word of mouth can do for you. Therefore, it is important that you also share your YouTube channel’s link on Whatsapp for your friends to see. Also, please encourage them to share the link with their other friends.

5. Collaboration with other YouTubers

Collaborating with other YouTube content creators can help you promote your channel to greater heights. You can both come up on videos asking each other questions about each other’s YouTube lives and your plans for the coming years. This will help increase the number of subscribers and views on each other’s YouTube channels because most people love knowing more about your life.

Also, collaborating gives people an idea about the existence of your YouTube channel, and they will be able to know the type of content that you both share mostly. It will help increase your overall engagement since their subscribers will be interested in your YouTube channel and probably subscribe.

6. Add keywords

Adding keywords in your videos and the title of the video and repeating the keyword regularly helps drive the viewer’s attention. They will be more attentive to the video and want to know what the video is all about and possibly watch it to the end. It is also important to add the keyword in the video hashtag so that even before someone clicks on the video, they can already know what the video is about.

Incorporating keywords in the hashtag can also drive people to watch the video due to their interest in discovering what the video is all about.

7. Social media promotion services

This is another sure way of promoting your YouTube channel cheaply. Social media promotion services allow you to promote your YouTube channel cheaply by buying YouTube views at affordable prices. There are very many YouTube promotion services on the internet that are willing to promote your YouTube channel at affordable prices and quite fast.

Some of these YouTube promotion services sell bots and others real views. This will help increase your engagement organically or inorganically. The good thing about these promotion service providers is that you are assured that your orders will arrive within 24-48 hours, which is faster than waiting for your channel to grow.

It is important that you research the type of promotion services before purchasing by ensuring that the service provider is legit.

YouTube marketing

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YouTube offers you and your brand huge opportunities for growth. YouTube promotion can help save time and grow your brand. It would help if you considered getting some YouTube promotion, which will help you grow your channel fast and efficiently.


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