How People Finder Websites Can Be Used to Identify and Combat Fraud in the US

Fraudulent activities in the United States are becoming alarmingly common in the digital world and people finder websites seem to be promising tools for identifying and combating them.

People finder

These websites can help detect and combat a plethora of fraudulent activities in several ways. Here are some of them:

  1. Conduct background checks.
  2. Verify identities.
  3. Detect and analyze fraud patterns.
  4. Locate scammers.

In the rest of this guide, we are going to explore what people finder websites are and how they work. We’ll also explain how they help in carrying out the 4 aforementioned activities in more detail.

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What Are People Finder Websites?

People finder websites or people search sites are online portals that collect publicly-available information from various sources and compile them into a report. These sources include government databases and social media profiles. People can then use these websites to look up the contact information and other details of a particular individual they are interested in.

To use a people finder website, a user enters the name and other relevant information of the person they are searching for. The website then displays a list of potential profiles that match the user’s inputs. This way, people can not only find lost friends and family members but also prevent all sorts of fraud, among other uses.

While these platforms can be quite useful for a plethora of purposes, they have been criticized for violating individuals’ privacy.

What Information Is Available on People Finder Websites?

So, what information do people finder websites reveal, exactly? It mostly depends on the website you’re using. Most of them require the user to enter just the name and phone number of the individual they’re searching for. They will then generate a report that typically includes a person’s age, address, gender, employment history, education, and even criminal record.

It’s worth noting that while some platforms are solely designed to help people connect with lost friends and family members, others are specifically intended to help users carry out thorough background checks.

Most people finder websites have both free and paid plans. Free services reveal only basic information while paid plans can generate detailed reports that provide a surprisingly large amount of information about the person of interest.

Identifying and Combating Fraud Using People Finder Websites

There are numerous ways people finder websites can be used to identify and combat fraud in the US. Here are a few:

  1. Conduct background checks. People finder websites can be quite useful for carrying out background checks in several different scenarios. They can reveal a person’s bankruptcy record, criminal record, or any other detail that might point toward fraudulent activity.
  2. Verify identities. Verifying the identity of new business partners, employees, or any other person you’re dealing with is important. People search sites can help you determine whether the other person is who they claim to be.
  3. Watch out for fraud patterns. If an organization or business is carrying out fraudulent activity, its employees will usually share some common traits and patterns related to that. These patterns can be detected and analyzed using people finder websites.
  4. Locate scammers. People finder websites can also help track down and locate scammers. This can be done by entering basic identifying details such as a name and phone number and getting the geographic location and address through the website.

Best People Finder Websites in 2023

Undoubtedly, people finder websites are great tools for identifying and combating fraud in the US. But given the many choices available, finding good options can be difficult. Here are two great people search sites in 2023:

  1. Number Tracker Pro. This website allows you to easily locate phones and find people using only their phone numbers.
  2. CocoLookup. This tool takes in a phone number and allows you to view several details such as the address, job profile, and contact information for that person.

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, people finder websites are effective tools that serve a wide range of purposes, including the identification and prevention of fraudulent activities. By taking in basic information such as a name and phone number, these websites return detailed reports containing a variety of details for a person.


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