Product Innovation for Direct Sales Success

Direct Sales can be a fun adventure to build a business, network with others like you, and share your favorite products. But with countless companies and products to choose from, what’s the best way to start?

Product innovation

Look for the innovators!

When choosing a company to partner with, think product innovation. You’ll find the most opportunity for direct sales success with a company that’s invested in maintaining relevance, driving growth, and providing industry-leading products.

Look for companies with a long history of product development that speaks directly to their customers’ needs, strives to be the best in both quality and production standards, and puts their customers first. Find this, and you are choosing the right direct sales company!

Focus on a Unique Selling Point

The ideal direct sales company for you should be one you are passionate about, spurs your creativity, has a modern way of thinking, and of course, is innovative. To stand out from the crowd and wow your customers, consider a company’s unique selling point (USP). In short, “What makes this company better than the rest?”

Do your research. If a company lacks passion and a strong USP, it’s probably time to move on. When you look at the specific products offered, ask yourself: Does this product appeal to me? Is it one I would buy? Does it offer a unique solution? And most importantly…is it the one you would choose from all the similar products available?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, you just may have found the right direct selling opportunity! When products appeal to you as a seller and you trust the company will hold true to their USP, developing innovative products that will help drive your direct sales success for years to come, it’s a worthwhile investment.

With hundreds of hair care products out there, you want to share those that go above and beyond to bring new benefits. And not just any hair care product will do. You want a product that exceeds your customer’s expectation. If you’re selling supplements, your customers deserve more than an average vitamin—something like a product formulated with InCelligence Technology .

The InCelligence Difference

InCelligence Technology, an innovation from USANA Health Sciences, stems from their obsession for cellular health. This exceptional patented technology is unique to the direct sales industry. It harnesses the power of proprietary nutrient blends to speak your cells language to help support whole-body health.

Maximizing your physical and mental health can be a complex issue. Add that to the already mountainous list of tasks you already have in front of you, and taking care of yourself suddenly becomes too overwhelming to think about. This is where InCelligence technology is made to shine—it’s a simple solution to a complex challenge.

Innovation Provides Everyday Solutions

When it comes to you, your customers, and your direct sales success, look for the right fit for your lifestyle and goals. Many direct sales companies are leaders in driving product innovation. And though the fine details of the science behind such products may seem difficult to grasp, the best companies offer elite training and tools to support you through every step of your business-building journey.

From product guides to ingredient glossaries to sales tracking tools, you should have everything you need to learn and grow at your fingertips.

Learning the nuances of a product is a growth curve. Be patient with yourself. It’s perfectly okay for your customer to not know everything about every product. And really, some may prefer not to know. Most of us may not understand the ins and outs of mechanics, but we’re happy to have a car to take us from one destination to the next.

The end goal of innovation is to create new products with purpose. Look for a company that has a business model built on a strong foundation. It can be a focus on science, ease of use, new to market, changing trends, and more. It’s a wonderful feeling when the pride you have for your partner company extends beyond products to include their core values, focus on community, and dedication to make the world a better place. Believing in something bigger than yourself is a strong motivator when it comes to recommending a product and building your team.

Find companies and products that will inspire you and others to unlock your full potential.

Let’s Get Started

Now that you have a better idea what to look for in a direct sales company, it’s time to get started! Remember these key qualities as you begin your new endeavor—passion, creativity, modern thinking, innovation, top training and tools, stellar customer service, a unique selling point, and most importantly, a passion that extends beyond their business doors.

Congratulations! You are well on your way to successfully sharing innovative products with the world.


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