5 Advantages of Outsourcing Metal Fabrication Tasks

Outsourcing has a lot of upsides that should never be ignored. For fabrication tasks, startups are not the only companies that will gain a benefit. To gain a leg up over the competition, outsourcing should be done sooner rather than later.

Welding robots in metal fabrication

image credit: Phasmatisnox / Flickr. CC by 3.0

1. Money

Getting high quality welding work for a great price is not an easy task. For companies that want to keep it in-house, they have to source the parts, find the talent and in some cases train that talent. It’s a long process that has multiple fail points before reaching the goal. When outsourcing this work, a lot of the failure points are removed without losing control of the project.

Outsourcing fabrication tasks will save you money upfront and in the long run. You win from both sides, and this is all done without taking on any additional risks.

2. Departments Need Oversight

There are horror stories of a company trusting a newish department to run itself. That department ends up going over budget, losing resources, firing good talent and dragging the entire company into nightmare lawsuits. It’s unrealistic to build up a department from scratch and expect it to run on its own without constant oversight. This gets expensive, and is an easy way to add extra strain to a growing company.

If you already have a solid business plan, outsourcing fabrication tasks can boost the growth of your company without adding the unpredictability of a brand-new department.

3. Labor Reduction

Your labor force doesn’t have to be an army in order to get the job done. This is a mistake that many companies make when assigning projects. Adding a thousand extra programmers to a software project won’t move the process faster to the beta.

Efficiency is more important than the number of workers on the job. This knowledge is firm when dealing with outsourcing, as a single worker is already acclimated with wearing multiple hats. With the benefits of outsourcing fabrication tasks, the workers will always get the job done in the smartest way possible.

4. Staying on Schedule

If the company or other departments have a setback, it has no effect on an outsourced talent. When you’re running on a tight schedule, small mistakes can add to the overall time of the project. This crunch is an expectation, but meeting it head on requires thinking outside of the box. Outsourced talent has proven more than capable of working in these conditions.

Plenty of thinkers in this field have no trouble meeting deadlines when working in the outsource manufacturing and fabrication industry.

5. Staying Competitive

Most of your competitors have thought about or are already outsourcing their fabrication tasks. Even if they handle this in-house, don’t be surprised if that departments labor force is boosted with temp workers. Just like regular workers, outsourced talent is in limited supply.

If you’re the company always picking last, then prepare for an equal type of output in quality.

Tasks With a Professional Touch

Your company’s supply chain is always in danger of taking a hit. Instead of waiting until the last minute to resolve it, get ahead of the problem by using forward thinking. Outsourced fabrication is here to stay, and the most successful companies are already using it.


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