Reasons to Choose a Metal Building Over Standard Wood

You can have a building created out of many types of materials, like wood, metal, brick, and more. Despite all these options, wood has long been the standard for homes and commercial spaces.

Metal barn

If you’re thinking about contracting a new building, wood might not seem like a bad idea, but you do have other options. There are pros and cons for every type of material, but here’s why metal buildings are superior to wood.

Metal buildings last longer

When choosing a material to build with, longevity is important and that’s why metal is the best choice. Wood is an organic material that is prone to fire, severe damage from impact, and disintegration when it gets wet. Metal, on the other hand, won’t deteriorate like wood. Termites won’t destroy it and water won’t make it rot. Properly treated metal won’t even rust.

The reason metal lasts longer is that it’s more durable than wood, and that’s because of how the metal is prepared before it’s turned into a structure. For example, pre-painting metal with coil applied coatings can make it scratch-resistant and less prone to fading and other types of damage. This is helpful for all applications, but it’s essential for metal roofs installed in areas with inclement weather.

Not all metal buildings use coil applied coatings, which is a mistake. If you’re looking into building a residential or commercial structure, consider using coil applied coatings to ensure you get the absolute most out of your property.

Metal buildings don’t need much, if any, maintenance

People who own buildings made from wood tend to have a slew of repair needs lined up. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. More often than not, it’s a leak in the roof from a poorly-installed skylight, missing shingles, cracked vent, or a damaged chimney. The problem with leaky roofs is the damage caused to the plywood sheathing and wooden frame underneath. With a properly installed metal roof, a leak is highly unlikely. Metal roofs can last fifty-plus years and hardly require maintenance in the meantime.

If the idea of constantly calling for repairs and maintenance doesn’t appeal to you, choose metal over wood. Even if you don’t want a full metal building, you can at least get a metal roof and eliminate a major source of common problems.

Metal buildings are popular

If you like to follow trends, you’ll be happy to learn that metal roofs are in style and they have been gaining popularity over the last decade. They’re especially perfect for people who need to build shops where they can add to the building at any time. Metal buildings can be modular, so it doesn’t take as much work to add new rooms to an existing structure.

Metal barns are superior to pole barns

If you live in the country and need a barn, your first go-to is probably a simple pole barn. These are made from wood with metal siding and sometimes a metal roof. However, these structures are less durable than a building made from all metal. When you build your barn entirely with metal, you’ll be protecting your livestock and equipment from the elements and potential damage.

Metal buildings are fire-resistant

Even though wood used to construct traditional homes is treated to be as fire-resistant as possible, it’s nowhere near as resistant as metal. Unless a fire is burning so hot that it can melt steel, your metal building isn’t likely to succumb to a fire.

Metal buildings have a higher resale value

If you’re going to invest in the cost of a metal building, it makes sense that you’d see a good return if you decide to sell in the future. People know the value of metal buildings, and the resale price can be set much higher than a building made from traditional wood.

Metal is more expensive, but it’s higher quality

When faced with the choice between traditional wood or metal, the benefits of metal outweigh the lower cost of wood. Creating a metal building is not just a financial investment, it’s an investment in a future of worry-free ownership with limited repairs to manage.

It’s an investment in a strong building that will give you peace of mind.


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