Top PPC Advertising Strategies for Lawyers to Maximize Client Acquisition

For lawyers, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is an excellent way of attracting new clients. This becomes clear from the fact that over 45% of small businesses use PPC campaigns. It can be viewed as a quick way to get your name in front of those needing legal help.

pay per click advertising

We will look at some of the best strategies today to help lawyers get the most out of PPC ads.

Take Time to Understand your Target Audience

First and foremost, it’s important to know who needs your help. In general, it makes sense to check if you’re into helping families, businesses, or people with traffic tickets.

When you know your target audience well, you can create better ads that speak directly to them. This is where you need to consider the problems they may be facing and then talk about ways in which you can help them.

And this is how you guarantee that the correct people see your ads!

“How” you Advertise Matters more Than “What” you Advertise

Search engines like Google focus on the right words in your ads and how you’ve presented them. In the world of digital marketing and PPC, these words are called keywords. But how do you decide which keywords to pick?

Basically, you want to choose keywords that people might type into Google when they need a lawyer like you. For example, “divorce lawyer in New York” or “best DUI lawyer near me.”

Additionally, there are words for which you do not want your advertisement to appear. We refer to these as negative keywords. Negative keywords can come in handy when you want to avoid having your ad show up for specific search results.

Let’s understand this with an example. Let’s say you don’t work for free. So, you’d want to add “free” as a negative keyword so people looking for free help won’t see your ad.

Your Landing Page Will do Most of The Heavy Lifting

Whenever someone clicks your ad on the internet, the job of the search engine is done, and they finally land on a “landing page.” So, the better your landing page is designed, the more chances there are that your lead will go through all the details and decide whether to hire you.

This page should have information that matches what was in the ad. But what should an effective landing page look like? Well, for starters, it should tell your visitors more about how you can help and give them a way to contact you.

Make sure to include your complete contact details or even a form to fill out.

A good landing page should make your visitors want to talk to you. It’s clear and friendly and tells them exactly what they need to do next, like calling you for a free talk.

On-target brand awareness

Not Using Geo-Targeting Means Burning Cash

Geo-targeting, in simple words, means deciding on fixed locations and making sure your ads are only shown to people from those locations. Since you will also have a lot of local clients, you want your ads to appear to people near you.

So, if you’re a lawyer in Seattle, it won’t make any sense for you to run ads for people in Miami.

With geo-targeting, your ads will only show up for people in or near Seattle. Results? A simple and obvious reduction in the overall cost of your PPC campaign.

Think of it this way — the amount you would’ve spent on targeting people aimlessly across the locations is used more efficiently with geotargeting.

Moreover, you’ll have more chances of converting the visitors as your services are more relevant to them if you’re from their area in the first place.

Keep a Close Eye on your Bid Amount

You can imagine PPC ads as an auction. Like any auction, you must bid money to show your ads.

As you have your money on the line, it’s only sensible to monitor how much you’re spending. At the same time, you also have to adjust how much you’re shelling out for your PPC advertising for lawyers.

With timely inspections and by checking bid data against performance, you can change the amount you’re putting up for each ad.

Sometimes, you might need to spend more to make your ad more visible to the target audience. However, you might also observe that sometimes you can get away with spending much less.

You can also use tools that help manage your bids automatically. How will that help?

The answer is simple: these tools adjust the amount to get the best bids at the lowest price.


When used correctly, PPC ads can help lawyers find more clients. However, this doesn’t mean you only have to spend money and run ads aimlessly.

Overall, an effective PPC campaign is designed and executed smartly while ensuring your ads talk right to the people needing your help.


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