7 Ways to Boost Your Blog Post’s Reach

You might be wondering how you can increase your blog’s reach. Getting traffic from your regular customers helps you stand out as an authority in your industry, but how can you utilize content to attract new customers?

Blog post writing

According to Statista, there are approximately 31.7 million bloggers in the United States. While most of your competition may come from those in the same country, you also compete against any English-speaking blog out there, including ones from Canada, Australia and the UK.

People are busy and time is at a premium. If you want to grab a slice of their attention, you must be proactive.…

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Why Sales Territory Management Matters to Your Business

As a business’ sales organization grows, business owners typically start to find that they need new management techniques to keep sales operations efficient. Without changes, they may struggle with overlapping sales territories, or find that they can’t truly meet customer needs.

Sales territory management

Territory is a group of customers spread over a specific geographic area. Sales territory management is how your business decides which salespeople are assigned to a particular territory, the marketing methods you use and how you plan to expand into new areas.

For small businesses with a growing customer base, sales territory management is essential for optimizing your sales team and ensuring that you stay competitive wherever you operate.…

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5 Assets Your Business Needs in Order To Double Its Profit

Business assets are things your business owns, benefits from or makes. Many of them can be directly responsible for doubling your company’s profits.

Professional using laptop for

Here are five of those crucial assets and why they’re so instrumental in helping the enterprise’s bottom line.

1. Real Estate

Business real estate falls into numerous types. For example, you might have a downtown office space, plus a distribution center located on several acres of land. The company may also have a manufacturing facility classified as a real estate asset. Real estate can help grow your business by ensuring it has the space to operate in ways that foster growth.…

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Are Your Personal Finances Drastically Impacting Your Startup Business?

The past year has been rough on everyone. However, even during difficult times, people decided to start new businesses. Some were forced into the decision due to layoffs, while others enjoyed staying at home and wanted more control over their work/life balance.

Paying bills on time

According to NerdWallet, the average American household has $7,027 in credit card debt. Perhaps you also have a mortgage, car payment and student loans. Missing any of these bills negatively impacts your credit score.

Your personal finances impact your business in several ways. It’s important to be aware of the issues, so you can navigate them successfully and run a successful startup.…

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14 Tips to Improve Your Small Business Branding Efforts

Branding is essential to the success of a small business. With the right kind, you can more easily build strong relationships, show customers what you believe in and stand out from the crowd.

Small business branding

A good branding plan can be tough to pull off — but the right approach can make a significant difference.

Here are 14 tips that can help any small business improve its branding efforts.

1. Know Your Audience

Most branding strategies begin with market research. Know your customers — who they are, what they need and what they’re not getting from businesses right now. This can help you tailor-fit your branding to the audience you have and the one you want to build.…

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