When the Numbers Don’t Add Up: Three Ways to Improve Your Business Credit Score Quickly

If you find your business becoming rejected and denied for loans left and right, then chances are that your business’ credit score and history are to blame. Obtaining a copy of your current credit report will allow you to quickly see just how bad things have gotten, especially if you have an extensive list of negative accounts and activity within it. Fortunately, there are several effective ways that you can get the ball rolling in the right direction again and eventually improve your business credit score over time.

Business credit report analysis

Identify and Rectify Your Errors

Although the vast majority of the information that is reflected within your business credit report is accurate, it is possible to have an abundance of errors in it, as well.…

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Corporate Certificates of Deposit

When thinking about ways to handle your business finances, your primary focus may be in increasing your profits while reducing your losses. One way to help increase your business profits is to have a solid investment plan.

A great way to invest your company’s funds is in a corporate certificate of deposit.

certificate of deposit

What is a Certificate of Deposit (CD)?

A CD is a savings account that provides a higher rate of return than a standard savings account. Certificates of deposit also tend to be short-term, lasting between six and twenty four months, versus standard accounts which are ongoing. Depending on the type of CD you purchase, you cannot withdraw funds while the CD is active.…

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Apps for a Small Business’ Accounting Needs

Being in the accounting department of a small business doesn’t mean being tucked away in the back corner of the office hammering away on a Dell desktop running Windows XP and an old copy of QuickBooks. No sir, accounting can actually be fun thanks to the help of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, and some nifty apps as well as long awaited Mac accounting software.

small business owner using mobile accounting apps

The idea of putting accounting-related tasks into a mobile device might seem scary to some accounting pros. But the concept of being able to touch, swipe and manipulate numbers at the stroke of a finger can be pretty liberating.…

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What You Need to Know About Raising Finance for Your Small Business

Growing your business without financing can be extremely hard. There are of course numerous stories of entrepreneurs who have built a business from nothing, but there are plenty of others who have secured financing to drive their businesses forward. Quite often it is in the early stages of a venture that investment can be the difference between success and failure.

raising finance

Finding sources of finance doesn’t need to be as difficult as you might think if you follow the right steps.

Get organised

Writing a detailed business plan can seem time consuming when you feel like there are more pressing issues in your company needing your attention on a day to day basis.…

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Accounting Tips for New Small Business Owners

In a world driven by information technology, social media, and smartphones, business accounting is a topic that rarely gets much love anymore. Perhaps we all figure there’s a software or an app that’ll do it all for us. While there are plenty of software accounting programs and mobile apps out there, that isn’t what this post is about.

accounting tips

This post is going to detail some really important things you need to know before you set out to start your small business. If you already have a business that’s making money, or you just got started in the last year or two, you can still benefit from the sage advice detailed on this page.…

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What Is Working Capital Financing?

Working capital “¦ the lifeblood of growing companies, and a term every corporate accountant and analyst must have an intimate understanding of. Easily defined, working capital is simply the difference between current assets minus current liabilities, or the cash on hand for a company to use as necessary.

For any successful business to thrive, it must have ready reserves of working capital, which can be utilized at a moment’s notice. Without sufficient working capital, an organization is doomed to fail – regardless of the quality of its goods and services.

What Is Working Capital Financing?

There are plenty of options when it comes to acquiring working capital; one of the more popular ways is a commercial term loan.  …

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Small Business Budgeting, Insurance Renewal Checklist

Business insurance is designed to protect you against unexpected and unmanageable losses, but it can’t do that if you don’t keep your policies up to date. Although the laws and regulations regarding insurance coverage are many, and at times can be confusing, it’s important to make sure your policy is up to date at least once a year.

Small Business Budgeting, Insurance Renewal Checklist

The following questions will help you know what information to collect before renewing your policy.

  1. Type of Business – Has the type of business you do changed since you started? If you’ve grown your business to include a new industry, or have taken on a partner, you may not have sufficient coverage.
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Getting More Finance Administration Tasks Done in Less Time

If your small or medium-sized business has only one finance manager or at least a smaller group of finance managers, chances are, handling every record of your company’s day-to-day expenses (on top of all their other duties) might get overwhelming from time to time, especially during earnings reports season.

Getting More Finance Administration Tasks Done in Less Time

Human error is frowned upon, but especially when it comes to handling company finances. So how can you best deliver in a fast-paced, demanding environment without overburdening your employees?

Here’s a rundown on how a cloud-based finance administration software can actually be of help to these common tasks:

  • Managing your accounts payables

Relationships with suppliers and vendors should, like customer relations, be a priority.…

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Setting Up Point of Sale (POS) Software

If you run any sort of retail business, you are almost certainly already using some sort of point of sale (POS) system. The old-fashioned cash register, limited as it is, is a very basic POS system. However, current computer technology means today’s POS systems can be extremely powerful, allowing adaptation to many different business models and maximizing flexibility in operations.

In addition to reporting that can present sales data in a dizzying array of formats, you can introduce such innovations as loyalty programs with specialized pricing. Though it might seem daunting, setting up point of sale software is actually relatively easy.…

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What Small Businesses Need To Know About Rolling Forecasting

Budgets are no longer unchanging entities. In the midst of the information age, with transactions moving faster, business spanning the globe, and technology providing helpful tools to re-plan and re-think budgets, many small businesses are adopting a new way of thinking about their financials.

What Small Businesses Need To Know About Rolling Forecasting

Conventional budgeting wisdom offered this guidance to small business owners: create a budget and don’t stray from it. An article from CFO Magazine points out that traditional budgeting is expensive, time-consuming, and quickly becomes out-of-date within a few months.

The benefits of rolling forecasting are vast, but overall, the methodology allows small (and large) businesses greater ability to adapt to what many people say is a volatile financial environment.…

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