The Essential Auto Dialer Laws Every Business Should Know

Hire an auto dialer only after confirming that it conforms with applicable auto dialer laws – otherwise you may put yourself in hot water. In January 2020 there has been a potential class-action suit against a Subway franchise for breaking auto dialer laws is filed in the United States District Court in Arizona. The complaint alleges that during a four-year period, the proprietors of Subway shops distributed mass-marketing text messages without obtaining particular written approval.

Call receiver annoyed by an auto dialer call

Ride-sharing service launched in October 2018 Lyft is facing a class action on behalf of “third-party entity” text messaging consumers. According to the lawsuit, Lyft does not have the authority to send marketing messages to a large number of the persons it contacted.…

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Auto Dialer 101: What It Is And Why Your Business Needs It

Outbound call centers need various device campaigns to make their job more efficient. These call centers are typically responsible for conducting market research, lead generation, customer surveys, and cold calling. This industry has aggressive goals that are hard to reach through regular manual calling.

Outbound call center staff using auto dialer

Manual calling is a great way to waste your employees’ time. Most often, calls are disconnected or are left to answering machines. Sometimes, agents also face a busy tone on top of other menial tasks, like manually ending and dialing calls. That means the time that they spend talking is decreased because of these unproductive tasks.

You can change this by learning more about an auto dialer: its definition, types, features, and advantages.…

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