Maximizing Efficiency and Productivity with the Right Software for Your Small Business

Having a “tech stack,” used to be the exclusive opportunity of big business. It was considered a luxury—something that could give you a competitive edge. It’s not like that anymore. Now, tech is a basic requisite for staying competitive in almost every industry.

Businessman using small business software solutions

It doesn’t matter how small your business is. There are digital technology tools out there that can help you accomplish tasks more effectively. And while the price tags can be daunting, keep in mind that people don’t acquire software for fun. When you choose correctly, the product will pay for itself in the long run.

In this article, we take a look at how you can maximize productivity with the right software for your small business.…

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3 Employee Productivity Strategies You Should Implement in 2022

Productive and engaged employees are at the very heart of any successful company. But unfortunately, in most companies, the average employee is productive for less than three hours per day. And with that level of productivity, achieving the goals you set out and solving problems to propel the business forward becomes much more difficult.

Productivity strategy

photo credit: Alexandr Podvalny / Unsplash

However, blaming employees for being ‘lazy’ or ‘unmotivated’ is not the answer, either. In fact, it’s on the companies themselves to create an environment that nurtures productivity, creativity, and collaboration. There are relatively simple strategies and policies you can implement right now that will allow you to find out exactly how your team is spending their time and what you can do to use that time more effectively.…

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How to 3x Your Productivity (with More Free Time) in Less Than 30 Days

Most of us work too hard for too little. We’re slowly being pushed to get more done with less. We spend more time at work with our co-workers than we do with our loved ones. Day-by-day, we’re asked to do more and more, while we’re compensated with less and less. Yet, oddly enough our productivity is actually decreasing. We’re not getting the right kind of work done. We’re not all that productive.

Productive businesswoman

Sound familiar? No wonder we’re exhausted. Why would anyone want to triple their productivity in 30 days when they’re crushed under these work conditions?

Overwork: The hidden key to success?

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