Transforming a Small Business into a Medium-Sized One

Is your small business ready to make the transition to the next level? For many owners, this is the most crucial phase in the history of their organizations.

Growth strategic meeting

Often, the size increase is a make-or-break moment in time, one that separates the long-term survivors from the rest of the pack. But, because every entity is unique, it’s often difficult to use a template approach for growing a startup organization into a medium-sized one. Fortunately, several relatively common techniques deliver solid results for the vast majority of owner-entrepreneurs. In so many situations, the first step is to hire additional employees.

After that, strategies are many and varied.…

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5 Business Practices that Can Transform Your Company

The most successful individuals in business, and in life, embrace change. After all, change is inevitable. Resisting innovation and new practices will eventually lead to obsoleteness, and no business can properly grow without constantly looking for ways to improve their operation.

Business communication

With that in mind, today we’re going to analyze five business practices that can transform any company. So whether you’re looking to turn the ship around, or move from strength to strength, these innovations can help you achieve your goals.

Office Renovation

Sometimes the best way to change mentality is to alter the physical makeup of an office. Redesigning or renovating your workspace to allow for more natural light, easier collaboration, and greater access to resources will likely increase your team members’ productivity levels.…

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