Do Macs Get Viruses: A Breakdown

You feel bad for all your friends with Windows computers. They have to pay tons of money out of pocket for virus software. There’s no need for you to do that because you have a Mac.

Mac virus

At least, you thought that until you start getting strange pop-ups and your computer begins running so slow that you can barely use it. Do Macs get viruses? The answer is yes.

Even though Macs don’t get them quite as often as Windows computers, the possibility is still there. So, you do need to invest in virus protection. Check out this guide to learn more about malware on the Mac.…

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Top Network Security Threats for Mid-Sized Businesses

network security threatsWhen it comes to providing network security for your mid-sized business, one thing is clear: vigilance is not an option, but a necessity. Mid-sized businesses are not immune to security threats. In fact, mid-sized businesses often fall victim to security issues that strike both enterprise organizations and small businesses. Let’s take a closer look at some of the top network security threats facing mid-sized businesses today.

Lack of appropriate hardware security: Believe it or not, one of the main threats to your business’ network comes from inside the organization. Network hardware can be irreparably damaged by electrical surges, and can develop problems if exposed to extreme humidity or high temperatures.…

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