6 Things You Should Know Before Using Steel Building Kits For Your Business

Metal buildings are among the hottest trends in the construction industry. In particular, the industry of steel building kits or pre-fabricated steel building has projected revenue of up to USD$8.2 billion at the end of the year.

Steel building

But what is it about these steel buildings that captivate the attention of businesses and major corporations worldwide?

Here are six things you should know about steel building kits for commercial use.

1. It Only Takes A Few Weeks Or Months To Construct

Typical commercial building construction can take about 6 – 12 months, from pouring the foundation to installing drywall and adding plumbing and electrical components.…

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10 Benefits of BIM in Construction

BIM- stands for building information modeling. Spatial’s BIM Interoperability software accelerates 3D innovation, which reduces every source creating complexity and increases translation accuracy by an integrated programming interface thoroughly compatible with significant industry formats.

Construction manager using Building Information Modeling tools

Construction requires enormous work. Incorporating BIM can make the construction project management more effective and efficient.

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Countering Natural Disasters with Construction Technology

Natural disasters are an unavoidable reality of life on Earth, but it is only in recent decades that the likelihood of catastrophic events taking place has been considered as part of the design and construction of buildings.

With that in mind, here are just a few of the most impressive technologies and feats of engineering that have been deployed to make modern structures safer, more stable and less likely to suffer serious damage in a range of disastrous scenarios.

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is rugged and resistant to tremors

Earthquakes are one of the most common issues that must be considered when creating skyscrapers as well as lower-lying structures.…

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Leveraging Modern Technology: 4 Ways to Boost Efficiency in the Construction Industry

The construction industry is one sector that, seemingly, cannot be derailed by bumps and blows to the global economy. Like all industries, it has faced tough times, but it continues to grow at a very healthy rate. It is estimated that, by the year 2030, the amount being invested in construction infrastructure will have reached $13 trillion.

This is more than double the same figure for 2012 and the jump should provide a clear indication of how fast the industry is moving. Yet, there are challenges ahead. In order to keep up with demand and fulfil the requirements of ever more stringent state legislation, contractors must be able to evolve.…

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