How to Deal with a Toxic Co-worker

You come across different types of people throughout your career. You might connect to some individuals on a deep level, making them your work best friend. On the other hand, you might also meet some people that make your workplace a living hell. When you’re bothered about a co-worker that has a significant impact on your mental health, you might be dealing with someone toxic.

Coworkers serious conversation

Credit: SHVETS production Via Pexels

Whether your co-worker is being toxic on purpose or unknowingly, it can alter how you feel at work. There are six types of toxic employees, including the slacker, gossip, lone wolf, emotional mess, and close-minded know-it-all.…

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Navigating Coworker Conflict (from an owner’s perspective)

Unresolved or unaddressed conflicts at work can impede productivity and impact staff morale. While these situations are often a normal consequence of people working closely together, there are some tactics that will help to defuse these common occurrences and get your team back on track.

Conflict in the workplace

A successful mediation may even set the stage for increased productivity and provide affirmation to your team that their hard work and efforts are greatly appreciated. Let’s take a look at some of the skillsets that business owners can implement for successful mediation during coworker conflict. Some of these are in direct response to conflict while others are more preventative in nature.…

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