Everything You Need To Know About Buying Funding Data In 2023

Funding data may bring more light onto how the company is perceived by other investors, whether it was successful in funding rounds, and how much it managed to accumulate for a certain time.

Funding data analysis

Many investment banking professionals or individual investors consider buying funding data to save time and resources and get the needed data faster to execute it immediately. Here are all the details to consider when considering buying data from a data provider.

What is funding data?

Funding data is a part of corporate data, including fundraising rounds, funds raised in each round, the exact investment stages, investors, and other financial data points of firms.…

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Top 5 Open Source Integration Tools for Small Businesses

In the world of software development and enterprise data analysis, there are several tools that offer significant advantages over proprietary options. But as a small business owner, you may not be ready to invest in these open-source integration tools for your organization. Still, we think it’s essential for you to know about them to consider their benefits later on when your company grows.

Open source integration tools

1. Rudderstack

The new wave of customer data platforms is here, and it’s becoming increasingly important for small businesses to integrate their website with a customer data platform.

Rudderstack is a popular Segment customer data platform alternative that helps you bring your data together without shelling out the big bucks when you’re just starting.…

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