8 Tips to Master Forex Day Trading

Trading financial instruments many times in a single day is referred to as “day trading.” Successfully playing a game of taking advantage of minor price swings may result in significant winnings. However, it may be harmful to beginners and anybody who does not follow a well-planned strategy.

Forex trading platform

Day trading generates a large volume of transactions, which not all brokers can manage. Alternatively, some platforms are designed specifically for day traders, such as the TradingView app.

The best traders are those who commit to continuous practice and progress. They investigate their own trading motives and devise ways of eliminating emotions such as fear and greed from the process.…

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How Much Capital Is Needed to Become a Day Trader

So you want to start day trading? You’ve invested in all the trading tools you need, and you’ve spent the time needed to learn how to analyze price movements as well as a few basic strategies that you can continue building on as you go. Maybe you’ve already spent some time trading just to get your feet wet. Great. Now there is just one more thing to figure out. How much money is needed to start day trading?

Using day trading tools

In an attempt to figure that out, we asked Jimmy who co-founded www.BullMarketz.com and this is what they had to say.

Different Budgets for Different Markets and Instruments

The first step in figuring out how much capital you need to trade is to decide which market you’re going to trade on.…

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10 Tips for Beginning Day Traders in 2019

Wondering how to become a modern day trader in 2019? The following 10 tips will have you well on your way to success.

Screen view of stock charts

1. Know what is happening in the markets.

“Knowledge is power” is cheesy but true. You likely already know all the basic procedures and hacks, but you have to stay on top all of the latest trends, news, and events which have an impact on your business. A good daily or weekly review of the situation can make all the difference. Make a list of stock you want to deal in and keep up to date with what is happening with those companies.…

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