The Essential Fire Safety Provisions Employers Must Take

A fire in the workplace can be catastrophic for your business, its stock and its staff members. Although it’s easy to take an ‘it won’t happen to me’ approach to fire safety, it’s essential that your business adopts rigorous risk management processes in order to keep everyone and everything safe.

Fire safety sign

With this in mind, here are five essential fire safety steps that you must take as a CEO and business owner:

1. Create a Coherent Fire Safety Plan

In order to keep everyone safe, you must have a clear and coherent fire safety plan in place.

You should also know that this is a legal requirement for workplaces operating in the UK.…

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Flames in your Office – How to Avoid Them

You lock up your office for the evening, head home, have some food and sink off to sleep. But all through the night, as your open eyes and stare at the ceiling, you can’t help but think that something doesn’t feel right.

It’s only when driving your convertible up to your workplace that you notice your big mistake. Smoke billows from your office’s roof, ash impinges on the air and crowds have formed around police cordons.

Building on fire

A fire has raged through your workplace in the night – and there’s so much you could have done to stop it.

Questions rush through your head – what if someone had been trapped in there?…

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