Top Tips To Get Out of Debt in 2022

So far, 2022 has been a tricky year for many smaller businesses and individuals who have debts they need to manage.

Get out of debt

photo credit: Toufiqu Barbhuiya / Pexels

For one thing, borrowing has become more expensive. In August, the Bank of England declared a further rise in the base lending rate, something that means all lenders have gone on to adjust their charges unless there is a pre-existing fixed-rate deal in place.

Secondly, inflation is hitting many households and enterprises. The rising cost of fuel, in particular, has meant that distributing goods and even getting to and from work has cost more in 2022 than it has ever done before.…

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Side Hustles to Help Meet Debt Payments and Get Out of Debt

Debt relief is more than just controlling your spending – finding ways to further improve your income can be just as important. A recent survey has found that the average American with a secondary source of income earns about $8,000 extra per year. In light of a ValuePenguin survey that found the average American household carrying a debt of $5,700, this means the average income from side hustles is significantly more than what you’d need to pay off the average debt.

Online shop as a side hustle

Engaging in a side hustle doesn’t just make it possible to get out of debt faster; it can also bring other additional benefits.…

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How To Dig Yourself Out Of A Bad Financial Situation

Have you recently found your company in a bad situation financially? The good news is that you’re not the only one. The bad news is that you need to fix the situation as quickly as possible before it ruins your company’s credit and reputation. Thankfully, there are plenty of things that you can do to right the ship.

Get out of bad financial situation

Within this guide, you will discover ways to correct your company’s business finances and get out of debt.

Cut Expenses Immediately

If you’ve gotten your company into a bad situation, you need to take action immediately. It is absolutely pertinent to balance out your expenses and your revenue.…

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