When Going Global, Don’t Forget These Critical Tools

There are plenty of good reasons to go global and take your business to the next level. Perhaps you have already saturated the local market. Perhaps You want to move your operations closer to where your products are manufactured. Perhaps you just want a new challenge. Whatever your reasoning may be, your new venture abroad awaits.

Global business meeting

There will be a few challenges along the way. No one said this would be easy. Taking a manufacturing business global is something to be considered carefully, ideally, with your legal team You also need to immerse yourself in the culture where you are going.…

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6 Common Mistakes of Site Owners Going Global

Taking your business abroad is a great way to get new clients while also exploring new markets. But, going global is no easy feat, and without proper planning, you could end up facing all sorts of obstacles.

Business website owner going global

Going global requires all sorts of changes, especially to your existing company website. Here are 6 common mistakes that site owners make when going global as well as ways to avoid them.

1. Taxes & Duties

No one likes to worry about the tax side of business, but this is a common mistake that you’ll definitely want to avoid. Be sure to research the various tax and duty factors including:

  • Which countries you need to register in

  • Tax amounts

  • VAT thresholds

It’s also important to determine when taxes and duties should be paid.…

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