The Ultimate Guide to Cloud-Based Employee Onboarding Software

As the world continues to adapt to the ever-changing workplace, more organizations opt for cloud-based employee onboarding software. It seems like a logical step in our digital age, but there’s a lot of confusion about what exactly it is and how it can help your organization.

Onboarding SaaS

In this ultimate guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about SaaS onboarding software.

What is Cloud-Based Employee Onboarding Software?

Cloud-based employee onboarding software is a modern tool for HR departments that automates many mundane tasks associated with bringing new employees on board. This type of software allows HR teams to streamline processes such as filling out paperwork, collecting personal information, assigning training courses, and setting up company accounts.…

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Small Business: 6 Easy Onboarding Tips Your Team Will Love

According to business processes experts, a well-organized process for welcoming, orientating, and getting new employees up to speed increases staff retention. Further, a sound onboarding process enables new employees to quickly adapt to their surroundings, making them productive in a short time.


However, having an immaculate onboarding process is a bit challenging, especially for small businesses, unlike for large businesses with well-funded and organized firms with professional human resources (HR) departments. Fortunately, this post outlines easy onboarding tips that small businesses should incorporate without breaking the bank. Take a look to learn more.

Practice Preliminary Introduction

In many cases, the business usually has about two weeks to implement the onboarding process for the new blood.…

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Employee Onboarding 101

Starting a new job can feel almost scary. You’re a little unsure about what your exact job duties will be and you might even question how well you’ll like your co-workers (as well as how well they’ll like you). Everything is new and different when first getting to know the business that is now responsible for helping you earn a living, which can be slightly overwhelming to say the least.


Though some level of nervousness and anxiety is normal, there are several things employers can do to help their new staff’s first day feel more welcoming, helping to ease their nerves and relax their concerns.…

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