Opening a Restaurant Is Hard Work. Here’s How to Make It Easier on Yourself

Opening a restaurant is difficult work.

It takes months, if not years, to get a new concept off the ground, burning capital all the while. Once the doors are open, it takes longer still to break even — which isn’t, sorry to say, the same as turning a healthy profit. That’s elusive; for many restaurant operators, the day never comes.

Restaurant owner and his staff

As a new restaurant owner, you want to do everything possible to shift the odds in your favor. You, your team, and your patrons deserve nothing less.

Here’s how to make the hard work of getting your eatery off the ground a little bit easier on yourself.…

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A Quick Guide To Opening A Successful Restaurant

So you want to open a restaurant. You’re a great cook and your friends and family have told you that you should do this for a living. So what exactly is involved in a venture like this?

Cook at a restaurant

You should know that according to Alleywatch, almost 60 percent of all restaurants fail within the first five years of opening. That’s a daunting statistic but with some careful planning, you can make sure you maximize your business’s chance of success. Keep in mind, this is a bare bones outline for what you need to do.

It All Starts With An Idea And A Plan

Before you can begin your new business, you have to have some ideas in place.…

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