Technology and Innovation Still Exists for Real Estate Businesses

Real Estate has always been a high-touch industry. From the agents who show homes and curate lists for their customers to the financial part of the process. Every step of the way has been tightly guarded by individuals with a vested interest in keeping real estate a high-touch industry.

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But even amid this environment, companies are still finding ways to innovate, leverage technology, and continue to earn commissions and make a living buying and selling homes. If you’re in the real estate industry or you’d love to break into it, here are some of the ways that you can partner with technology and innovative ideas to bring this industry into the 2020s.…

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How Technology Made Real Estate so Easy

Since the advent of cyberspace, many human activities have changed, this modernization does not exclude the real estate business. These changes span from the availability of real estate information, how business is transacted, the bridging of the consumer-manager distance barrier and the attitudes of consumers towards the real estate industry. Time to discover those significant ways in which technology made real estate very simple.

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Increased availability of information

The old estate business is a restricted zone where all land documents were paper-based, and the transactions were done ‘man o man’ but the status quo of this present day estate business is a magnum opus.…

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Property Management Industry Faces Drone Invasion: Why That’s a Good Thing

With drone technology having advanced to the point of offering an attractive alternative to human labour in industries ranging from defence to wedding photography, property management markets around the globe are bracing for impact.

But between government crackdowns and hidden costs, property management companies wishing to replace their human employees with robots have their work cut out for them. Let’s investigate the pros and cons of the drone use in this report.

What are drones?

The term “drone” is a catchall buzzword for most types of aircraft that can be piloted remotely. Drones are broadly categorized* on the basis of their standard usage, control methods and physical characteristics.…

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