The Importance of Risk Culture: A Guide for Businesses

Company leaders must embrace a safety-first culture to ensure the welfare of employees.

When it comes to workplace safety, it’s often easy to see what went wrong after the fact. It’s also easy to see warning signs of trouble and ignore them.

Embracing risk culture

Additionally, it’s easy to spot safety problems after someone gets hurt. However, you can make your workplace safer by nurturing a risk culture that thinks of safety first.

Safety-first risk management culture encourages open and upward communication. This kind of culture promotes the sharing of knowledge and best practices.

It’s also committed to ongoing improvement. Furthermore, a safety-oriented risk management culture is committed to ethical and responsible practices.…

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The Importance of Having a Strong Risk Culture

Every business has its own risk culture, as companies across all industries are exposed to a wide variety of hazards on a daily basis. The difference is how they deal with such risks and how successful these measures are in getting through to employees and forming the risk culture of a business. Creating an enterprise-wide awareness of risk is essential according to RSM and one of the first steps towards a strong risk culture is understanding why it’s so important.

Protect Your Assets and Reputation

With a range of recent headlines highlighting instances of fraud, employee scandals, misconduct and more, a strong risk culture is required to prevent this happening in your business.…

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