Which Businesses Should Consider Investing in a Truck and Why?

It’s no secret that trucks are expensive vehicles to buy, own, and maintain. That’s why most businesses don’t actually own any trucks, but rather rent them as and when they need them.

Pick-up truck

photo credit: Earthswell / Unsplash

However, the word “truck” doesn’t necessarily have to refer to a massive, eighteen-wheeler truck. A pickup truck is also a type of truck, so you can always opt for that. Both options have their pros and cons. There are various trucks to suit your business needs – even international trucks. But the big question remains: is it really necessary? Which businesses need trucks and which can go without?…

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Service and Utility: Choosing the Best Truck and Flatbed for Your Industry

Owning or renting a fleet for your business shouldn’t be hard, but it often is. And, when you need to replace a truck or flatbed, or buy a new one, for your needs, there are several things to think about that most people won’t or don’t tell you.

Kenworth T880 Flatbed

CM Flatbeds

The first question you should be asking yourself is, “what will I be hauling, and how much will it weigh?” That right there will drive every other decision you make. Payload weight is determined by the GVWR – the base weight of the vehicle plus occupants, cargo, and any additional equipment and tongue weight.…

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