Dealing With Unemployment

Getting laid off or realizing that your skills have been made redundant can be extremely difficult and take a toll on your mental health. Being unemployed can emotionally and financially drain you as people often attach their self-worth solely to their job.

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You can deal with this situation in a certain manner that can help you land a job again and ensure that you do not lose yourself in this psychologically draining phase of your career. Here are a few ways you can survive and cope with unemployment:

1. Relax and Re-evaluate

Losing your job is challenging as it brings financial struggle and instability.…

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Financial Advice When Looking For a Job as Unemployed

Becoming unemployed can be devastating for anyone, particularly those with a family to support. The stress of maintaining a home and ‘putting food on the table’ can cause great unhappiness and this can be compounded if finances are not taken care of during this difficult period.

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Clearly, it will be necessary to review all expenditure and to prioritize spending as much as possible. Credit cards should not be seen as a source of ‘free’ money; indeed, it would be wise not to use these particular financial instruments during unemployment, as failure to keep-up with payments will result in substantial interest being accrued and possible damage to credit ratings in case you “default” on a loan, just like what most people would normally do in such situation.…

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