Monitoring Blogs – Know What’s Being Said About Your Local Business Online

monitor what's being said about your business online

A business blog is essential to maximize your online exposure for a number of reasons, including search engine optimization, building your identity and creating expert status, generating leads, and sharing information to name just a few. You also want to be mentioned and noted in other industry blogs throughout the internet for maximum exposure.

At the same time, you want whatever is said about you around the web to build your creditably to make others want to do business with you. Thus, for optimal results and reputation management, blogging sites are one aspect of your social media marketing strategy that need to be monitored.…

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Share Your Gift Giving Dont’s For a Chance To Win a $100 Amazon Gift Card

gift giving no-no contestNow that Christmas is over, maybe you have some good gift giving advice to share with others on what not to do.   And if you share those tips over at the BizSugar blog, you’ll be entered into their latest giveaway contest.

One lucky winner will be chosen to receive a $100.00 Amazon Gift Certificate.   But hurry, this giveaway ends at Midnight (EST) on December 29, 2011.

Go over to the BizSugar blog and contribute your best gift giving don’t now.

Gift Giving Photo via Shutterstock

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51 Entrepreneurs Provide Advice On Business Dress Codes

business dress code advice

The other day while browsing through some new articles on BizSugar, I came across a submission about dress codes for your business.   I followed the link to the original article posted at The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur blog.   I expected to see just a standard written article on the subject but got way more than I expected.

“Why Your Business Needs a Dress Code” is a compilation of 51 different entrepreneurs offering their opinions on acceptable attire for business.   There’s some really good thoughts on the subject so I wanted to share the link with you.   Head over to The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur to read all 51 dress code tips.

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Why Private Companies Need to Act Like Public Companies

Here’s a good tip for all private middle market business owners looking to improve the value of their business: Act like a public company.

Why Private Companies Need to Act Like Public Companies

According to Robert Slee, author of Private Capital Markets: Valuation, Capitalization and Transfer of Private Business Interests, private companies that structure themselves and act like public companies reap tremendous advantages regardless of whether they ever become a public company:

Here’s why: When performing a market valuation of a private company for new financing or other reasons, analysts tend to use public “comps” of like public company transactions. In most cases this is the only available data in the market.…

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Is 2012 The Year You Propose A Business Offer?

things to consider when composing a business proposal

As the clock winds down on 2011, you may be considering the idea of crafting a business proposal going into the New Year.   If that is the case, there are a number of matters that will come into play.

In the event that the coming year is the time for you to throw a business proposal or two out there on a regular basis, keep several factors in mind.

Among them are:

  • When writing a business proposal, make sure that the documentation answers any and all questions that the client may have. Before you write the proposal, run through your head any and all questions you believe the client may come at you with, including funding, customer service, and quality of work and so on.
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Five Questions To Answer Before Marketing Your Business

5 questions to answer before marketing your businessAre you clueless when it comes to marketing? Lost in the sea of click-through rates, impressions, search engine bid/ask arbitrage, social media, QR codes and more? You’re not alone.

Here are a few concrete ways to develop – and evaluate – effective online marketing campaigns that can jumpstart small company business revenue without breaking the bank.

CEOs are busy, so I recommend using a checklist to focus your effort, and ensure repeatability. At a minimum, you should be able to answer the following questions before embarking on any marketing campaign:

1. What do I want this campaign to accomplish? This is the most fundamental of all questions.…

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Holiday Shipping Tips For A Stress Free Season

We’re a week into December already and if you need some holiday shipping tips, Small Business Trends Radio can help.   Recently Anita Campbell conducted a podcast interview with the UPS Small Business/Occasional Customer Marketing Manager, Tom Langa.

holiday shipping tips

In this 30 minute podcast you’ll hear shipping tips and tricks for a painless holiday shipping season.   You’ll hear about the benefits of having a UPS shipping account, how to arrange package pick ups, how to ship perishable goods and much, much more.

Sit back, take a short break and listen to this informative holiday shipping tips podcast interview.

Packaging Photo via Shutterstock

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Ideas For Starting Your Own Home Based Business

home based business ideas

Usually after the holiday season is done and gone, most people are strapped for cash.   They’ve overspent on gift giving and now they’re looking to make some extra money.   That’s where this list of 50 Home Business Ideas can come in handy.

With this list I found on BizSugar, you can start the new year off with a home business venture of your own.   There’s a lot of good ideas that will start the wheels in your head moving.   You’ll find ideas for businesses using your skills, services you can provide, making and selling, sharing what you know and more.…

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Majority of Holiday Shoppers Will Buy From Retail Stores This Year

Recently Intuit conducted a holiday sales survey and produced The Small Business Owner’s Holiday Season Cheat Sheet infographic.   I found many of the statistics on this particular infographic interesting but one stood out most surprising to me.   According to Intuit, 69% of holiday shoppers will still shop in retail store locations.

Intuit small business holiday cheat sheet

That number seams really high to me.   I expected the majority of holiday shoppers to be more geared toward online shopping instead.   Maybe it’s just me but I prefer to avoid the holiday shopping crowds in the retail stores.   You can count me in as part of the 26% of online shoppers.…

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