Q&A with Chad Constant, Director of Business Client Marketing at Intel on the Launch of Intel Small Business Advantage (Intel SBA)

Small business owners need all the resources they need so that they can have a sustainable business growth.  One of the latest ones is Intel Small Business Advantage (Intel SBA).

What does the solution entail, and how does it help small business owners in keeping their IT secure – and more? Chad Constant, Intel’s Director of Business Client Marketing explains it all in an exclusive SMB CEO interview.

Chad Constant, Director of Business Client Marketing at Intel

Ivan Widjaya (Q): Hi, Chad. Please kindly introduce yourself to our reader.

Chad Constant (A): Thank you Ivan, my name is Chad Constant, and I am the director of Business Client Marketing at Intel.…

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4 Advantages of Getting a Secured Personal Loan to Fund Business

Thinking about starting a business? Making the shift from being just an employee to an employer requires a lot of guts, dedication, and most of all money. Few can afford starting a business from their own savings, as starting one requires lots of cash to buy properties, equipment, supplies, and to hire employees.

Secured personal loan

But with the wide availability of loans, starting your dream business is made easier today. Unfortunately, with loans comes the expense of paying an interest. Now, no one would offer you loans without giving it an interest, but you may be able to get the lowest rate with the help of secured personal loans.…

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Reminder: Make Sure That You’ve Got the Right Insurance

When you’re the owner of a small business, often there’s so much going on that important things can get overlooked. One of the most essential things to get right is to make sure you have the right insurance on all of your vehicles and to check your employees are insured correctly.

Business auto insurance

From business insurance policies to needing different driving licenses it can all get a little complicated. Not only in understanding policies, choosing the insurances that offer the best value for your business is a headache. But fear not, we’ve got your back; here’s our guide to make sure that all your vehicles are insured correctly:

Work-related insurance

If you have employees at your workplace who are going to be making journeys on behalf of the company, it’s important to make sure they take out work-related insurance on their own policy.…

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Before You Build: Construction Industry Concerns for Small Business Owners

Real estate offers a lot of opportunities, particularly when you have construction skills and can handle rehabs in-house. When you have those construction skills, starting a small business centered around repairs and rehabs can seem like a good way to pay the bills.

Refurbish a house

Before you decide to go into business for yourself as a builder or repairman, you need to have a handle on the challenges and problems. While construction can be a very lucrative industry, it also has its fair share of potential pitfalls. Make sure you have a plan in place to avoid the worst roadblocks you can run into.…

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Targeting the Right Social Media for your Audience

When it comes to digital marketing, you are always told to push social media, spread brand awareness and engage with your customers. The problem is, not all social media platforms provide productive and effective outreach to your target demographic. How do you know if your product is reaching the right people?

Social media

Below is a quick summary on the audiences that use some of the biggest social media platforms and successful campaigns created by both big and small brands.


Launched in September 2011, Snapchat has overtaken many social media platforms in popularity. This highly engaged audience is made up primarily of 13 to 34 year olds.…

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5 Tips to Increase Conversions with Decent Website Design

Is it possible that your website design negatively affects the conversions you expect to get? The answer is yes! If you would like to increase your sales and to attract more new customers, you need to avoid some of the mistakes made by other business owners regarding their web design.

Web design

Although the traffic to your site is very important, something that you really need to be entirely focused on is whether people who visit your site decide to buy from your products or not. If the traffic you receive is not converted into real sales, it is useless.

There are specific things about the design, which can change the attitude of the visitors in a positive or negative direction.

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5 Things Every Small Business Owner Should Pay Attention to

Running a small business encompasses a lot of things, and different entrepreneurs have their own styles. There are, however, some things that one cannot ignore in this line of work, irrespectively of what kind of business he or she runs – at least if one hopes to achieve some measure of success. So what are these things are nowadays?

Small business team meeting

1. Improving Your Brand

Most small business owners aren’t very attentive to their brands. After all, they are just small-time entrepreneurs, what kind of brand can we talk about? In truth, it is one of the most glaring blunders you can do when starting out on your own.…

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5 Basic Marketing Techniques that Can Make a Big Impact on your Business

While companies are trying to get bigger and better with their marketing techniques in order to get ahead of the competition, they are forgetting about the basic marketing techniques that can actually have a really big impact on their business.

These basic techniques are ideal to complement and back up all other areas of any campaign. So why not go back to basics and try a few of these this year?

1. Guerilla Marketing

This unconventional form of marketing is low cost but produces maximum results. This form of marketing is all about taking the customer by surprise and striking them at a more personal and memorable level.…

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How to Make your Next Business Event more Sustainable

In a UN study, 93% of CEO’s stated that sustainability would be an important factor in the future success of their business. While the importance of eco-friendliness in general to business in 2016 cannot be overlooked, there are times when more waste is produced. One such time is at bigger events, such as exhibitions and conferences.

In some cases environmental responsibility is shared with venues, caterers and attendees. However, there are ways you can minimise waste on behalf of your business and manage more sustainable events throughout the year.

Technology can help reduce paper waste

42% of all global wood harvest is used to make paper, and paper accounts for 50% of the waste that businesses produce.…

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Top 5 Ways to Increase Customer Satisfaction

With increasing competition for consumer attention and new substitutes entering the market on an almost constant basis, the demand for customer satisfaction has never been more important. Companies must be able to not only consistently acquire consumers, but also be able to retain them for as long as they possibly can.

Happy customer

If companies are not capable of effectively managing customer satisfaction levels, it is only a matter of time before their sales drop and they take their business elsewhere. The primary reason for this is the increase in review websites that have advanced controls to filer authentic reviews, increasing the transparency of online business.…

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