What Is Diamond Art Painting? A Complete Guide For Beginners

Diamond painting is popular these days in the world of art and craft for all the right reasons. With its fun, creative and relaxing process it is equally popular in all age groups.

Diamond art painting

Diamond Art Painting is the best hobby to have if you are trying to show your creativity and artistic side. It is not a traditional method of painting, it is a more unique and interesting way to express your creative side.

Custom Paint with Diamonds is a hobby that can make you feel relaxed and reduce your anxiety while improving your mental as well as physical health. So, having diamond art painting as your hobby is definitely worth the time and effort.

What is Diamond Art Painting

Though Diamond Art Painting is similar to paint-by-numbers, in diamond art painting, a picture of your choice is divided into grid patterns and printed on a canvas. Then you have to place the diamonds like crystals and rhinestones on that adhesive canvas. The whole process is creative and fun. Diamond Art Painting takes our creativity to a whole new level.

Either you already do diamond art painting or you are just getting started, it is not a complex activity. One just has to simply place the diamonds on canvas and then watch as the magic happens!

Benefits Of Diamond Art Painting

  • Diamond Painting Art is a hobby that can help you to reduce your stress and anxiety when you get involved in its amazing process. It is an art form that can help you meditate also.
  • It is the art that requires your full attention and concentration. It activates the creative part of your brain and improves focus as you have to be very attentive while placing the diamonds on the canvas.
  • Placing those beautiful diamonds on the gluey canvas requires patience and consistency. These two skills can help you in the long run also.
  • After completing our diamond painting and looking at the amazing finished product at the end, it gives us the feeling of accomplishment and eventually boosts our confidence and self-esteem.
  • This activity can fine-tune our physical motor skills greatly

Tools And Equipment Needed

Get A Craft Table

Firstly it is a must to have a craft table to create your diamond art painting. Setting up the right environment can take any activity to another level. Having a craft table to create a diamond painting is essential, as creating a diamond painting above all requires patience and a craft table can make the whole process comfortable.

Make sure the craft table you are buying is comfortable as it can get with adjustable angles and also height, as you don’t want to remain in the same posture all day. Also, check if the surface of the craft table is good.

Get Your Diamond Art Kit

You probably have already got the Diamond Art Painting Kit / Broderie Diamant or you are wondering which one to buy. Consider buying the Kit that will best suit your work or hobby. In diamond art painting kit, there are tools and equipment like

canvas with adhesive, glue/wax pad, drill pen, drill tray, and tweezers.

You should decide if you want to use wax pens or drill pens, then buy the Kit accordingly. If you are using wax pens, then the wax will be directly applied to the diamonds meaning that you won’t have to dip your pen in the wax or glue whatever you are using, again and again, saving you time.

As for drill pens are rather considered traditional, when using drill pens you have to dip your pen in the glue or wax and then pick up the diamonds and place them wherever you like. This type of pen is usually included in the kits.

Get The Best Canvas For Your Work

Ready your canvas and make sure to keep it sturdy. Always keep your canvas dry. When you are diamond painting it is suggested to do so on a flat surface as it will be comfortable for you as well as it will help in avoiding any lines in the sheet.

There are two ways to do this either you can use a foam board or a frame for your canvas. With the help of a foam board, you can place your canvas in any location you like. And framing your canvas or sheet will help you prevent lines on the sheet.

Familiarize Yourself With Color-Coded Chart

Before starting your first diamond art painting make sure to read the instructions carefully regarding how to use the color-coded chart to paint on the canvas. The canvas consists of numbers or symbols then you have to match the numbers and colors and put the right color in the right place on your adhesive canvas.

You may take some time to understand the process at first. That is why it is suggested to read the instruction first. To make it easy for you to use the colors and remove any difficulty, charts consisting of the colors and matching drill colors are usually printed on canvas sides.

Put The Diamonds On The Right Square On Canvas

Diamond Art Painting is all about placing the right diamonds in the right place.

You must match corresponding diamond drills with the canvas. It is suggested that as a beginner one should lightly press the diamond pen against the canvas, so you don’t scratch it.

Choose A Perfect Frame

The frame is a must-have accessory for your Diamond Painting Art. After you have finished your diamond art painting, now you have to frame it to present it in the most beautiful way. Adding frames to your diamond art paintings will enhance the beauty and aesthetic of your work.

Frames can come in different sizes. You can choose the frame you think fits best for our painting. Just go for the frame you think best suits your Diamond Art Painting.

Now, this is your ultimate guide as a beginner to get started with this amazing activity of Diamond Art Painting. Hope you find the information helpful!


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