Top 5 Ways to Save Your FB Ad Account from BAN

It is not a secret that without proper advertisement of your brand and product, it is impossible to execute business nowadays. The most common places for advertisements are social networks; among them, popular ones are Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook ads

As advertisement on Instagram works from Facebook, it is interesting to dig into detail in Facebook rules. Because there are specific rules for managing business/advertisement accounts that must be followed; otherwise, your account will be banned.

Reasons for FB account BAN

Let’s consider the example of a normal advertisement process, where you deal with legal products allowed for all groups of people. Facebook has a mixed model for checking all advertisements; the first step is via a robot, and the second step via a moderator if the robot considers the ad suspicious. A robot is checking:

  1. Suppose an advertisement product is prohibited or not according to Facebook policy. If yes, then the ad will be banned. In this first case, FB ad account will not be banned.

  2. If the text containing references to prohibited products according to Facebook policy. If yes, then the ad will be banned. In this first case, FB ad account will not be banned.

  3. The creative elements of the ad for images of prohibited products according to Facebook policy. If yes, then the ad will be banned. In this first case, FB ad account will not be banned.

  4. According to Facebook policy, the link for the website under advertising (images, headers, text) should not contain prohibited products. FB ad account will be banned if the checking was unsuccessful as this is the most important rule.

  5. The target auditory if it was defined for the advertisement. It is a hint per key words to understand that you will advertise prohibited products according to Facebook policy. If the checking is unsuccessful, a robot will send the advertisement to a moderator.

There are several other reasons you may be banned, more reasons you may find in this article.

All banned advertisements can be appealed. All rejected ads can be edited and revised and will be treated as new ones during appellation. The ad can be re-checked by a robot or a moderator. If the ad is rejected, then FB ad account receives restrictions for the creation of new ads. Usually, each marketing specialist combines several ad accounts in one Business Manager, meaning if one FB ad account is restricted, all Business Manager ad accounts will suffer. If a Business Manager contains several banned/restricted ad accounts, then a Business Manager will be banned by a robot. The highest ban can be received for several cases of a Business Manager ban and corresponding ads; in this case, your personal ID is banned, and it can be taken out only by a moderator that seldom happens.

The checking of any ad or ban case normally by a robot takes 24 hours. Since the number of ads and complaints is enormous, any review by a moderator requires many letters and time.

Top 5 ways to save your FB account from BAN

How to avoid FB ban

It is evident that it is necessary not to put yourself in any bans – ad or Business Manager. Even you are advertising a legal product; it might be some bags or computer mistakes. There are necessary to know several ways not to be trapped into a ban:

  1. All Business Managers for e-commerce are rated on Facebook from one to five. A Business Manager from one to two has restrictions. Do not set your ads with such a Business Manager or check your rank if you have yours. Ads of Business Managers with low scores are shown less and more expensive as well. With a rank of less than one, a Business Manager will be banned.

  2. Your IP address can be on the FB blocklist before you start to use it, so you need to check your IP address via many free resources. If you are on this list, you may use anti-detect browsers (also, this solution works if your first Business Manager Ad account was banned). Also, do not forget to clean cookies (your Internet history); your rejected ads history is stored there. Try to always use the same IP address for your Business Manager AD account used for registration. FB is very tentative for proxy, VPN, or any other service changing your IP address, be careful.

  3. Do not use old Business Managers/old accounts/ old creative ideas/ images/ texts, especially those banned for your new advertisement.

  4. Check the name on your credit card used for ads payment and the name on which it was registered; they should be identical. The credit limit should be enough to proceed with payment. If you do not follow these rules, you will be banned. Do not significantly increase the payment for advertisements; it looks suspicious for a robot.

  5. Use your ad account frequently; if you do not use it for more than 30 days, you will be banned. Do not start advertisement campaigns from just recently created FB ad accounts. To activate an account and making it more trustable, you can react to different posts, write comments, or start a private conversation – be like other users. And always be polite with other users; any complaints on your behavior can also be a reason for a ban.

How to unban FB ad account

First of all, it is necessary to understand why your ad account was banned. For that, you can go into the section “Account quality.” There will be described all reasons and solution ways. Sometimes the requirement can be easy – to enable two-factor authentication (one of the protection methods). There also can appear some buttons as start appeal process, request a check, or something else. It will not help write to IT support regarding the account ban; first, you need to find the reason for the ban, correct it, and request the “account quality” for the necessary action.

It is not so complicated to be cautious with the rules, and it is always another way forward. You can create a new Business Manager ad account and be more careful this time.


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