Caffeine and Small Business

ePrize, the worldwide leader in interactive promotions, today announced the launch of a new technology specifically designed for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that delivers interactive promotions to enterprises of any size. ePrize’s Caffeine Promotions Platformâ„¢, available at, offers smaller businesses the power to build and deploy advanced and fully customized online sweepstakes, instant-win, and coupon-based promotions in fewer than 10 minutes, anywhere in the United States, Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

Caffeine’s unique technology makes it easy, fast, and efficient for small businesses to develop and deploy an end-to-end interactive promotion campaign without the burden and risk of development, prizes, security and compliance. Businesses launch the promotions with no up-front costs or commitments and pay only for performance.

Caffeine puts the business in total control. Using the High Performance Dashboardâ„¢, Caffeine customers can adjust prizing, style, budget, and many other variables at any time. The tool also offers a robust email engine, providing smaller companies and startups the same sophisticated communication tools that previously were the exclusive domain of big budget marketers.

With interactive promotions, SMBs establish a direct, one-to-one relationship with their customers and prospects, and are able to motivate specific consumer behavior. Until now, smaller companies could not afford the cost, time, and liability associated with launching a similar high-performance campaign.

“What makes Caffeine work so well is that my company can determine the exact geographic area from which we want our leads to come,” said Aaron Chestnut, vice president of marketing for Fathead, a small business that participated in Caffeine beta testing that began November 2006. “We are receiving a significant number of leads per day from our Caffeine promotion. Whether the leads are from specific localities or a national market, we pay only for those leads that fit our objectives.”

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  1. Ron Miller

    a dollar a lead??? come on, for small business? Sweepstakes participants, generally are there for the prize, not the product, and it takes visit after visit to convert…. you could go broke as a small business with this model… I’d stay far away!


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