“Suit Up” For Small Business

volatile market cartoonMark Anderson, creator of the cartoon website Andertoons.com, shares one of his  business cartoons with readers of Small Business Trends every Friday morning. I got a really good kick out of today’s cartoon about volatile markets and thought I would share it with you here.   To see the full view of the cartoon, click on the cartoon image on the left.

This cartoon seems really timely to me since everyone is taking a beating these days.   Whether in business or in our personal lives, we could all use protection from the bumps and bruises the less than favorable economy has given us lately.

You can read more  about Mark Anderson and view his most recent cartoons posted on Small Business Trends.   We  could all use a laugh in these trying times.


3 Comments “Suit Up” For Small Business

  1. Mary Grace Ignacio

    Wow. Another excellent work of Mark Anderson. Like Rose said, how we just wish we have those protectors, but it will never will.

    We must just have to be prepared enough to face those bumps along the road. Thus, preparation serves better than a protector and is in fact a weapon to overcome those bumps. 🙂


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