Introducing Your Products To Wholesale Buyers

Coming up with a unique and marketable product is only half of  the battle.   Once you have your products ready for market, how do you find the right buyers?   What if your product doesn’t sell very well locally but you are confident enough to know it will sell elsewhere?   Expanding your customer base worldwide by selling to wholesale buyers is a great way to extend your reach.

Stephanie Cartwright, co-founder of, was the interviewed guest expert last week on Small Business Trends Radio.   Stephanie offered really great tips and advice on how to start offering your products to wholesale buyers.   She offers valuable insights into the world of trade shows and the  benefits of creating solid relationships with buyers.

One thing I took away from the show is the importance of maintaining an active and up to date web presence.    Most wholesale buyers like having the option of downloadable order forms and product lists at their finger tips.   Listen to the show, “Flaunt Your Small Business To Wholesale Buyers“, for more information.


2 Comments Introducing Your Products To Wholesale Buyers

  1. Mary Grace Ignacio

    I agree Amanda.

    Everything has changed and will continue to change. So as how the people transact business, even shopping. So I really agree with Stephanie when she pointed a well established web presence is really helpful.

  2. Chris

    I listened to this show and it was a good one and offered a unique way to get your business exposed to buyers. She even touched on some things to be forewarned about, too, which was nice.


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