Avoid Business Burnout By Balancing Life And Work

balancing work to avoid business burnoutGetting caught up with growing your business can become all consuming.   Obsessing about your business and forgetting about your life is a common hazard to avoid.   Sooner or later, you’re bound to face a burnout phase when your mind and/or body says “enough’s enough”.

As pointed out in the Entrepreneur.com article “How To Avoid Occupational Burnout“, interests outside of your business are ideal.   Taking time out of your busy day for yourself can help you clear your mind and reduce your stress levels.   For myself, I like to take an hour around 11am to get my exercise time in.   This gives me a break to clear my head and refocus my goals for the rest of the day.   I also choose the middle of the day because I know that if I wait til evening, when I’m exhausted, I won’t take the time to exercise.

Taking time for yourself will benefit your small business in the long run.   Having your mind and body healthy will in turn produce a healthy, more productive work environment.   So, how do you keep a healthy balance between your personal life and your business?


9 Comments Avoid Business Burnout By Balancing Life And Work

  1. Matt

    Great advice, but so hard to do! I know diet (which I do okay on) and exercise (totally different story) are important, but sending just one more email, or following up with one more customer always seems more important! Something I definitely need to work on.


  2. Your Friendly Neighborhood Computer Guy

    Because of all the work I’ve been doing recently for my new business, and since I’m doing all this while still working full time, I’ve recently initiated some rules in my life to avoid burnout. #1 – Spend at least one whole day, usually Sunday, doing NOTHING related ot business. #2 – Reward myself with some down time once I’ve reached major business milestones.

  3. Rose Anderson

    What I usually do to avoid burnout is to budget time effectively. I usually work mondays to fridays and I set my saturdays and sundays for recreation time with family and friends. 🙂

  4. Dawn

    Every evening after my husband goes to bed, I like to take an hour or two to read non-business related books. The house is quiet and so peaceful. It’s a great way to unwind before falling asleep.

  5. Bianca Aquino

    Wow. Dawn, I’m impressed. How I wish I too am a bookworm but I couldn’t help myself because I really can’t just stare straight the book and read it page by page.. Well, my unwinding moment is editing some pictures with Adobe Photoshop and reminiscing whatever the picture is shown….

  6. Chris

    I, too, like to read although most times, I end up falling asleep. But a walk in the garden or the backyard during the summer months is always nice, too.

  7. Mary Grace Ignacio

    One thing I really ensure of is to prioritize a healthy living and never abuse one’s self with too much work. I go get a healthy diet, go to gym for exercise and I am fulfilled with that. Remember, we can’t ever work with an unhealthy body. So live healthy!


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