Simple Ways To Increase Your Online Sales This Holiday Season

increase holiday salesWith the holiday shopping season fast approaching, I have read and heard many predictions of customers doing most of their shopping online this year.   So to take advantage of this opportunity, now is the time to put some extra focus into developing your online sales strategies.   David Kam, of, has listed some easy to implement and budget friendly tips to  increasing your sales in his article “How To Increase Online Sales“.

One suggestion he makes is to increase the security of your online store checkout.   This is a highly important tip to consider.   The last thing you want  is for your customers information to fall into the wrong hands.   That in itself can  do great damage to your reputation and  the future of your sales.



7 Comments Simple Ways To Increase Your Online Sales This Holiday Season

  1. Mary Grace Ignacio

    Security has always been the issue and whether we like it or not, the security that our business can offer to our customers is always equated to trust. Without proper security, we can’t also build trust from our customers. And I commend on this as the most important tip.

  2. Chris

    Security is everything with me when shopping online. If I do not feel that the site is secure – and am not informed of the security offered by the site itself – I simply will shop elsewhere.

    It’s one of the reasons I prefer ebay so much. The feedback ratings really help me trust enough to purchase.

  3. Don

    ‘Easy’ is the one that caught my eye. I immediately leave a site if it’s too confusing to navigate. I hate having to dig for payment and shipping policies. They should be easily found on the home pages. Besides security, those are the second things I consider before buying. What are shipping charges and do they take credit cards and which ones.

  4. Joseph Manna

    One simple way to increase holiday sales is to follow up with your customers and wish them a happy holiday.

    Ideally, if you follow up with your clients frequently, on an expected basis, you won’t have any problems moving discounted sales inventory.

    It probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a holiday follow-up sequence — combining e-mail, phone and a postcard. The goal is to ignite that relationship, not burn it.



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