Email Marketing – 7 Methods For Connecting And Keeping Subscribers

You have conducted the preliminary research and built a thorough direct email marketing list. Each entry represents a potential buyer and future opportunity for your business. A proven autoresponder service has been employed and is in position to follow through with the direct email marketing of your product. You wonder, Is this the right campaign? Will the recipients bite? How can I be sure the campaign will make buyers out of readers? The following list of 7 methods for capitalizing on direct email marketing will guide you through the process from list construction to list activation.

1.) From Friendly to Familiar

For many businesses, customers are drawn to a recognizable trade name or a well-known endorser. However, for the small business, these perks of marketing are all but impossible. Any email that is tagged with general subject notations or broad sender identifications are doomed for the virtual round file.

Direct email marketing for small business must incorporate the same techniques for list recipients as used in traditional emails for personal use. Flashy pseudonyms are nothing more than an invitation for taking a top spot on a blocked senders list. The email needs to imply a personal relationship with the potential customer to encourage the recipient to respond.

2.) Subjective Subjects

The subject line of an email is often the only part of your direct marketing that many customers will see before deciding to read or delete it. Before finalizing any direct marketing email, consider the following tactics to ensure a connection with the customer:

* personalize the subject line by using the recipient’s name
* illustrate your intent
* avoid keywords that trigger negative responses
* make your message complete but concise

Your autoresponder service will know the right combination of wording and approaches that can make or break your email conversion.

3.) Opening Act

Sending an email is a privilege for the sender rather than the receiver. To make the recipient appreciates your message, give them an immediate reason to read your message beyond the subject line. Your opener should give the reader an initial tangible benefit as well as set up the prospect for a follow-up as they continue reading.

4.) Arrive In Style

Direct email marketing is subject to the same rules as conventional correspondence. Grammar and composition are especially important for the written word. Errors such as misspelled words and typographical errors present an amateurish appearance and are quickly on the way to becoming cyber-trash.

5.) Make It Personal

Without visually attacking your direct email recipient, remember to present them with an invitation or call to action. They need to know why you have arrived in their email box and why you should stay there.

The personal invitation to act should have a lasting benefit for the recipient that is ultimately to your advantage. Present them with a means to respond with as little effort as possible. Allow a one-click reply for the recipient to follow through with your request.

6.) Same Ol’ Same Ol’

The last thing your direct email marketing strategy needs is inconsistency. Predictability of and familiarity with your message gives your email list the reassurance and comfort you need to establish a lasting relationship.

The approaches of an autoresponder service can include message templates, subject line customization, and reliable delivery of your message.

7.) Because They’re Worth It

What is in it for them, and what is in it for you? Any member of your email conversion list must be confident that staying on your list has some kind of reward attached. You must be confident that your message conveys the idea that membership has its rewards.

Provide your customers with specifics for recognizing the value in maintaining their relationship with you.

When it comes to email marketing, it is important to develop a strategy to stack the odds in your favor. By following the 7 methods above, not only will you engage your subscribers can keep them, but it will also make for a responsive list, and a responsive list is a profitable one.

About The Guest Author: Travis Campbell, founder of, is working with small businesses, successful entrepreneurs and other clients who wish to leverage the power of the internet to automate marketing follow up, build relationships with prospects, and to increase sales


6 Comments Email Marketing – 7 Methods For Connecting And Keeping Subscribers

  1. José Maria Gil

    This is a great post with great content. I would add some other tips:

    _ Always send your emails to people that have signed-up for your list with double opt-in confirmation
    _ Don´t saturate your subscribers. Use the correct timing
    _ Segment yor list. Not every campaign is for every subscriber
    _ Generate great content that gives value to the subscriber

  2. EmailMarketingPro

    Value, trust, and testing are the three main things to keep in mind for any email marketing campaign. Without the combination of these three, it can be very challenging to build and grow an effective email marketing list.

  3. Travis Campbell

    My apologies for not responding sooner, yes people are overwhelmed by email. It is not a perfect science, but it still remains one of the best ways to market.

    Setting expectations while delivering relevant, valuable content is essential.


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