300+ Completely Free Twitter “Follow Me” Buttons and Icons

free twitter follow me icons and buttonsBy now you’ve probably started trying your hand at Twitter.   Everyone’s trying it, so why not you?   If your business is new to Twitter, you’re probably working on gathering followers.   One great way to make sure your customers can follow you is by adding a Twitter “follow me” icon onto your blog or website.

There are a lot of good Twitter graphics to choose from online.   I’ve put together a list of sites that offer the best “follow me” buttons absolutely free of charge.   Between all of these sites there are over 300 “follow me” icons to choose from.

Web Design by mts – This site offers 10 Twitter follow me icons for free download.   There are 5 designs which come in both a white backround and a transparent version.   The site is not in English but the download is pretty self explanatory.

Randa Clay Design – Randa has 18 free follow me graphics for you to download, post to your site and link to your Twitter account.

My Social Buttons – For a very different version of the follow me button, take a look at these 5 hand sketched Twitter buttons.

Limeshot Design – Ema Hoffmann shares 36 awesome follow me buttons.   Each badge is very colorful and some even have retro backround designs.

Twit Buttons – This website offers 44 follow me button choices to choose from.   You can enter your Twitter id to generate copy and paste code to quickly add the icons to your own site or blog.

Siah Designs – Josiah Jost’s list of over 40 free follow me buttons includes a few that are animated.   For a small fee (only $10), Josiah will personalize one with your own name.

G34 Media – There are 5 very different Twitter icons on this site.   Each one would make a fun and colorful addition to your site.

U Stand Out – Diana Freedman has 48 Twitter badge designs for you to choose from.   A great selection of options with some basic, more professional versions also.   The icon pictured above is from this website.

Blog Marketing Web 2.0 – Although this site is not written in English, the 31 colorful Twitter badges are.   If you’re looking for something fun, this is the site to see.

Tab Folder – This site has 3 really cute buttons with a very whimsical looking Twitter bird on them.   A different look but still very professional.

Twitter Buttons – Depending on your brand image, you may find these free buttons a bit too juvenile for your business.   Over 80 cute and colorful designs to choose from.   This site makes it a breeze by providing copy & paste HTML code for you.

The Design Superhero – This free icon file download gives you three designs in 5 different resolutions.   The collection is centered around their version of the blue Twitter bird but this one has very large eyes.

Once you’ve built up your followers with the use of these free icons, you can start using some of the Free Twitter Applications For Small Business.


20 Comments 300+ Completely Free Twitter “Follow Me” Buttons and Icons

  1. Chris

    Excellent! I was just looking for one of these a couple weeks ago and this would’ve been quite helpful. Now I’m probably going to surf for an even nicer one – Thanks!

  2. Don

    Oh cool, I’ve been looking for these! There’s a nice selection of options to choose from. It’s going to be hard to pick just one! Thanks for this, will pass it on too.

  3. Stanley

    One of the best ways to find new followers for your Twitter account is to leverage any other online profile that you might already have. If you have a website, blog or other social media account linking to your Twitter account is a great way to do this.


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