31 Twitter Apps Your Business Should Explore

31 top twitter applicationsA few months ago I featured 27 Twitter Applications Your Small Business Can Use Today.   I’ve come across 31 additional Twitter apps that I’d like to share with you.   Twitter applications are tools that help you efficiently get the most out of your Twitter activity.   They can save you time and effort while streamlining your marketing and social networking efforts.

New apps are popping up constantly.   Every app described in this list has not been discussed here before.   So combined with the previously featured 27 apps, you now have 58 applications at your disposal.


Tweetr – This applications allows you to share files up to 10MB via Twitter.   Tweetr will upload your file and covert it to a short URL.   One other feature of Tweetr is that you can use your webcam to share images with your followers.

Twellow –   In short, a yellow pages for Twitter users.   This directory service enables you to easily search, find and follow people that interest you most.   Registration is free.

Twitalyzer – Use this application to evaluate your impact and success of your Twitter activity.   This tool measures your clout, generosity, influence, velocity and signal to noise ratios.

Twitter Job Search – Looking for work?   This app searches and sorts available job positions discussed on Twitter.   You can browse the jobs by category or use their helpful map of jobs tweeted within the last 72 hours.

Tweetmeme – This site tracks the most popular links found on Twitter.   Search the business category for the most recent news and trends for your industry.

Topify – Give your Twitter email notifications more power.   When Twitter emails you that you have a new follower, Topify provides you with all the important info you need without having to visit the person’s profile. Quickly see their stats, follow back by replying to the email, or send a direct message via the email.

Tweetake – Use this application to back-up your list of Twitter followers, the people you are following and all of your Tweets.   You never know when Twitter may crash, so save yourself the headache by making sure you’ve backed up all of your contacts.

Tweetstats – Convert all of your Twitter activity stats in an easy to evaluate graphs.   Quickly see how often you’ve tweeted, who you’ve re-tweeted, and who’s Tweets you’ve replied to.

Tweetlater – The free version of this application enables you to schedule Tweets, track keywords, send direct messages and much, much more.   Saves valuable time and boosts productivity.

Tweefind – This Twitter search engine returns results based on rank, resulting in the most relevant results and users first.

Twiturm – Do you have musical aspirations?   Share the music you create by uploading your MP3 files and turn them into a Tweet to promote your creations.

Twitzap – Find the stuff on Twitter that matters the most to you.   Twitzap lets you divide info into channels which are then updated in real-time.

FollowWatch – FollowWatch simply watches your followers.   You will receive hourly alerts of followers that you have lost or gained.

TwitterMass – TwitterMass consists of a whole suite of tools to help you grow your Twitter network.   See the site for the numerous features available with this app.

Tweetbrain – This crowdsourcing app lets you pick the brains of fellow Twitterers.   Post your questions and/or answers and build relationships while exchanging knowledge and info.

Qwitter – Monitor who quits following you with this app.   You will receive an email notification whenever anyone stops following you.

Twazzup – Search topics and discover real-time Tweets, related photos and the most popular links.   You can reply and retweet directly from Twazzup.

Twist – Search trends discussed on Twitter by topic.   You can compare topics, view the most recent tweets and see what topics are “Hot Now”.

Twuffer – Keep on top of your Twitter activity by scheduling your Tweets in advance.

Twisten.FM – This app in real-time lets you explore and listen to all of the music Tweeted about on Twitter.

Twitterific – This iPhone application makes reading and updating your Tweets a breeze.   If you want to learn more about the features, they have short video “Tweetorials” on the site.   Twitterific is also available for Mac users.

TwitterContd – Need more than 140 characters to finish your Twitter thoughts?   TwitterContd gives you 1250!   Post your Tweet, shorten a URL and upload images, video or audio files in one easy step.

CalendarTweet – Tag, share and promote your business events with this handy application.

TweetPhoto – This is a photosharing app that can upload photos by email, mobile or web.   You can also publish photos directly to Facebook.   You’ll be able to track who’s viewing your photos, favorite other people’s photos, moderate comments and more.

Twitteranalyzer – Analyze your Twitter account activity in depth.   You can look through your stats in detail along with the stats of your friends.   This app is deceiving from the home page.   You really need to put in your account name to get the full effect of what’s provided with this app.

TwitterGrader – See how your Twitter activity measures up.

yFrog – Easily promote your products or services by uploading and sharing images and videos with this simple application.

FileTwt – Quickly and easily upload and Tweet your files with FileTwt.   You can share files up to 20MB.

TinySong – Share songs with this application.   TinySong creates links for you to easily share with your friends.

TweetMic – This iPhone application helps you publish audio to Twitter.   Great way to connect with clients and customers.

Twiggit – The name of this app results when Twitter and Digg meet.   Let your followers know which articles you Digg with this automated service.   When you Digg an article, Twiggit will automatically update your status with the link.

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9 Comments 31 Twitter Apps Your Business Should Explore

  1. grant2

    good article. any suggestions on where to get a professional customized twitter background? thanks!(maybe i missed this in your list?)

  2. Derek

    good stuff, thx for posting both collections Amanda. i’d also add tweetdeck, twhirl, seesmic, twitvid.

  3. Don

    Wow, I love this. What a great resource list. I’ll save this and visit these as I have time. I found a lot of great apps in your last list so I’m sure there is a gem or two within this one. Thanks!


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