Making Every Penny Count with PPC

PPC advertising - every penny countsIn tough economic times, businesses are looking to cut corners and boost ROI in every way they can, and often the first thing to be cut is the marketing budget. The irony of such an approach is that marketing is necessary to achieve consistent sales and growth. Rather than completely cut marketing from your company’s budget, the smarter choice is to optimize your marketing strategy and calculate returns, and hiring a PPC management firm can help “¨you do just that.

The risks involved with traditional advertising

When you place a print ad in a newspaper or magazine, you are taking a risk. There is no guarantee your audience will respond or take action. There isn’t even a guarantee they will see your advertisement amidst all the other content vying for their attention. While there are metrics and media buyers to determine the best placement for your ads, in the end print and other forms of traditional advertising are always a gamble, and not one you can afford if you’re trimming budgets and trying to deliver the most value for every dollar spent.

How PPC advertising minimizes your risk and boosts your results

In contrast to the risk involved with traditional advertising, PPC (pay-per-click) advertising lets you target people who are already looking for your products and services online. There is no question as to whether your ad will be seen or if you are targeting the right audience – it will and you are. Moreover, you can track your results every step of the way to determine which keywords generate traffic, which text ad attracts more clicks, and which keyword and ad combinations work best together to drive conversions.

Once you know how your PPC campaign is doing, there are many things you can do to improve performance, and this is when PPC management comes into play. Whether you hire a firm or do it yourself, you’ll never have to wonder if the money and time spent on your marketing was worth it, and you’ll always be able to see calculable results in real-time!

About The Guest Author:   Amanda Moshier is the staff writer and editor at Wpromote, Inc., the #1 search marketing firm in the US as ranked by Inc. 500.


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  1. Robert Brady

    If you’ve properly installed your conversion tracking code PPC is great because you know exactly how many leads/sales your received and how much it cost to acquire them. How many other online marketing channels can boast such detailed metrics?

  2. Amanda Moshier


    Thanks for reading! I am excited to report we are in the process of putting some fresh case studies together. Stay tuned to The Wpromoter blog for updates.



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