5 Comments 5 Tips To Keep Your Email Newsletter Subscribers Happy & Opted-In

  1. Tamara

    Those are some really good pointers. I guess it boils down to giving good customer service to your list subscribers just as you would to your customers. Makes a lot of sense!

  2. Anita Campbell

    Hi Mark, this is a practical article and I like that. Number 3 is especially interesting as a technique, and I was glad to see you include it. I know from my own experience that whenever I fess up to something that did not work out, it turns out to be one of my most popular articles.

    — Anita

  3. Mark Ijlal

    Tamara and Amy I always thought that instead of telling a customer that “I care”, do things that demonstrate to them that “you do”. Keeping people around for years and getting very high double digit open rates is not easy but it is worth all the effort when it start translating into sales and positive word of mouth.

    Anita I am a big fan of Small Biz Trends so your kind words mean a lot to me. Thank you. As far as tactic #3 goes… what entrepreneur amongst us (online or not) has not learned as much from their failures as from their wins?

  4. Martin Lindeskog

    Very good things to think about when you are creating a newsletter. I think that most of the people subscribe to several newsletters and receive plenty of mailing list stuff. It is then important to stand out in the crowded place of the information stream.


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