Roadway To Success In A Management Role

road to management successBeing the manager of a business is a big responsibility. You should be able to know every detail from business planning to business operation. If you are a successful manager of a business, your fulfillment is the best reward.

To hit the ground running, a manager should always believe in himself. It is normal that sometimes, at some point, you will loss your confidence. But it is your self alone that can build up confidence and keep the business running with all your might. Always remember that the reason why you are holding that position is because you have the potential to manage and operate the business. You have to keep that in mind to maintain your confidence.

In managing and operating a business, struggles are inevitable. Accept the fact that managers are often facing struggles and challenges. Take one thing at a time. You can’t do everything in one day, so therefore you must work according to what you can do and face the challenges ahead of you.

A good business manager is always aware of the norms, culture and behavior of the business. Of all the people in the company, a manager is expected to be the one who has utmost knowledge about the practices of the business not only in terms of operation but also with extra curricular activities. If your company has a tradition, take time to know about it and become an active follower of your culture.

Your current role as a manager is way different from any other roles. So you just have to stop comparing jobs. If you find it difficult to manage and operate a business rather than being an ordinary worker, take it as a challenge. Your past experiences can help you with your current job. Managing a business is difficult if you keep complaining and comparing your current job from your previous job.

To operate a business is a heavy task. To become effective with what you are doing, you can do things one step at a time. Start from small, and take things one step at a time. Be humble in everything you do, do not promise big things. It is better that you can do better than what you have promised than promising big but failing to deliver.

Management task is difficult, but also exciting. You can take it as your first step towards enhancing your career and prepare yourself for greater and fiercer challenges. The success of the business relies on how it is being managed. Therefore, the manager should be aware of their roles and should project proper attitude and mentality. No matter how big your start-up capital is, if you lack the skills needed to manage and operate the business, success can’t be attained. Managers are responsible for the success of the business, so take every task as a challenge and you are on your way to business success.


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  1. Harris Silverman - Business Coach

    It’s certainly true that becoming a manager is a much bigger change than most new managers realize. The shift from doing a job yourself to managing people who do it for you is huge; you have to be able to move from being task-oriented to being people-oriented. As a manager, almost everything you achieve is achieved through others, so you are essentially managing people, not tasks. And that means not just your employees or subordinates, but also your customers, peers, suppliers, etc. It’s all about people.

    As to Martin’s question, management and leadership are completely different tasks. Managers make things work on a detailed, day-to-day basis; leaders create a vision, inspire people to follow it, and show the path to reach it. Ideally, you need both; and contrary to what a lot of people think, leadership can be learned.

    Harris Silverman


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