How Creating an eBook Can Help Develop Your Online Presence

create ebooks to boost your online presence

There are a number of reasons to create an eBook to help develop your online presence. Here are a just a few of them:

Build your email list

As many online entrepreneurs will tell you, building your email list is one of the most crucial things you must do in order to establish presence online regardless of whether or not you intend to make money. Certainly if you want to make money through your website and your presence online, an email list is even more vital.

But how to get people to hand over their email addresses to you – willingly – and with open ears to what you have to tell them? An eBook is a fantastic tool to give potential readers and customers something up front with no obligation, no sales pitches, no pressure – all you have to do to check it out is sign up for the newsletter and your free eBook will be sent to you right away. If you don’t like what you read, all you have to do is unsubscribe. But, if you have written a compelling eBook, who can resist that?

After they’ve read your book with your ideas and your style and decided to either unsubscribe or happily stay subscribed to your website, it also will help narrow your focus to only those who like what you’re selling (whether in products or ideas). That will keep you from spinning your wheels on people who aren’t going to respond to you anyway.

Get others promoting your ideas, site and reputation

eBooks can be so easily shared, copied, and passed around among readers. For some this poses a challenge to overcome so their intellectual property can be safeguarded from plagiarism and loss of sales. But to others this is a great way to spread the word – and your online presence and growing reputation as a voice of authority on your topic – to a vast audience without even having to actively work on it.

Grab the click aways and bring them back for more

Oftentimes blog or website owners will nab some search engine traffic and then watch in frustration as the click away rate is within seconds of arrival on the site. A few seconds isn’t enough time to get a good feel for who you are and all the great information or products you have to offer, and it sure isn’t enough time to decide to come back to the site again and again.

Maybe they’re interested but just in a hurry and can’t look thoroughly right now. An eBook can be just the thing needed to grab their attention for longer than two seconds and bring them back later. If you’re giving something away that isn’t going to take up a lot of their time right that moment, they will probably see that and at least grab it and download it before they click away. Even if they click away from your site at that time, your eBook will still be sitting on their hard drive ready to read, with your name and website address all over it. They’ve just gone from a potential reader or customer who only glanced at your site to one who may well read what you have to say, get a sense for who you are, and come back for more.

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