Are You Ready For American Express OPEN’s Small Business Saturday?

American Express Open's Small Business SaturdayEntrepreneurs are getting ready as everyone looks forward to the inception of a new shopping event: Small Business Saturday. The first-ever event will take place on November 27, as part of American Express Open’s plan to support the local economy.

America’s largest employers are still small businesses and it makes sense that the industry gets the attention it deserves by having a whole day dedicated to it. The national movement is getting more traction as the actual event draws near. Advocacy groups as well as the public and private sector unite to support this national campaign. This concerted effort to support small, independently-owned businesses would help to drive sales in the holiday weekend shopping traffic.

As part of the event’s advertising campaign, social media helps to raise awareness by giving out tools and materials which encourage customers and entrepreneurs alike to participate in the upcoming event. Traditionally, the post-Thanksgiving weekend had already been deemed as the busiest shopping days because of “˜Black Friday’ and “˜Cyber Monday’. Small Business Saturday seemingly hopes to follow this tradition as dollars are driven towards local merchants.

Of course, we cannot discount the contribution of big companies to the economy, but supporting small businesses during this day is a sign of recognizing their contribution to our local community. There are numerous communities who, as early as now, sponsor events to complement the national movement.

Supporting the event is more than just shopping at your favorite local retailer, it’s also about getting involved in marketing your favorite local business through Facebook and Twitter. Although this event is the brainchild of American Express’ small business division, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s a mode of payment limitation. However, there are additional incentives for card members such as earning a $25 statement credit for at least the same amount of purchase or more.

For small business owners, participating in this event would help boost both marketing and sales. There is an increased demand for various products and services especially during the holidays and taking advantage of opportunities such as advertising your business during this time and at this specific event can mean an uptick in your reputation as a small business which can also mean an increase in sales if you play your cards right.

The event may not be an overnight success, which is often the case, but it has a promising future as more and more people start their own small businesses. As long as Small Business Saturday is supported by entrepreneurs, the government and both public and private sectors in the years to come, it holds a bright potential for what could very well be a triumph for small businesses everywhere.


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