Tips For Operating A Successful Remote Business

tips for operating a remote businessWith the advent of technology comes a convenient way of running your business. Who would have thought that social media, gadgets and various business tools can enable even the technologically-challenged entrepreneur to be connected even if they are away from the office?

Working remotely or out of the office is fast becoming more a necessity than just a mere trend as business owners try to juggle work and personal time. If you are one of those business owners who like to think outside the box and work that way, here are some tips to help you run your business even while you are away from the office.

After you have digested those tips, here a few tips of my own:

Tip #1: Communication is the key to your success.

Whether you choose to stay connected via tablets, laptops, smartphones and other new-fangled gadgets, the intention of those products is clear.   It’s for you to use to communicate effectively with your customers, your suppliers, and your employees, basically everybody who you need to run the business with. Gadgets aren’t just for show, they all have uses and most (if not all) technologically-savvy business owners leverage their power for the continuing growth of the company. Being connected and staying connected is a must for running a remote business.

Tip #2: Opt to be efficient rather than effective.

Those two terms are remarkably overused but there are still those who cannot differentiate one from the other. So what is it about? If they are so similar, what does it matter? An effective way of doing things is getting or producing the desired result. An efficient way to do it is performing or doing the tasks you need to do in the best possible way.

Running a remote business doesn’t necessarily mean that you get to be more relaxed in the way that you operate your business. Sometimes it’s even the opposite. I know of business owners who are all too busy managing their business from remote locations just as they would be managing it in the office.

It’s fine to relax for a bit but in order to save time and other resources, you would need to find a way to do your tasks in the right manner which is what being efficient is all about.

Tip #3: Tune in to the latest products/service offerings but be cautious and use only what you need.

It’s easy to be swayed by the cornucopia of products and services available to business owners. The trick is you need to analyze what it is you need to run your business and not be tempted by using products and services that wouldn’t be useful to you in the first place.

Tip #4: Take advantage of beta versions or free trials before purchasing any software.

Times are hard and pinching pennies is a must for every entrepreneur. If you think that you need certain software to help you run your remote business, check it out first by signing up for a free trial. This way, you eliminate unnecessary purchases and you will be able to figure out which software will work best for you.

Do you have any of your own key tips for managing your small business remotely?


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  1. Is It Down

    Social media and all these other ways are great for remotely running a business, but it’s important not to let the business run YOU. Juggling personal time and work time is one thing, but dropping the ball on the personal time so that all you’re focusing on is work can get dangerous – don’t you think?



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