3 Reasons Businesses of The Future May Reject The Office

In 2021, we’re facing a brave new era that may see the old ways of working ushered out.

Traditional office formats are vanishing in favour of remote setups, and though some businesses still value the concept of a physical premises, others are simply rejecting the office altogether.

Working in a remote office

And who can blame them? Over the past year, many businesses have survived and even thrived with entire workforces operating from home, with huge benefits for both companies and staff that are still paying off.

This article examines just three crucial reasons why the future of the office as we once knew it hangs in the balance.…

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Setting Up An Office On The Move – The Modern Day Business Person

Mobile technology means that you need not be tied to a desk (or at least your own desk) to get your administration work done. The smart business person knows that even on the move, he or she can be in touch with contacts anywhere in the world.

In a crowded and competitive marketplace, waiting to get back to the office to tie up a deal may lose you the business. Having your office in your car is the sure-fire way of getting business done instantly and without wasting time.

And while we’re talking about having an office in your car, it’s not entirely limited to that.…

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Tips For Operating A Successful Remote Business

tips for operating a remote businessWith the advent of technology comes a convenient way of running your business. Who would have thought that social media, gadgets and various business tools can enable even the technologically-challenged entrepreneur to be connected even if they are away from the office?

Working remotely or out of the office is fast becoming more a necessity than just a mere trend as business owners try to juggle work and personal time. If you are one of those business owners who like to think outside the box and work that way, here are some tips to help you run your business even while you are away from the office.…

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5 Tips to Work More Effectively From Home

tips for working from home successfullyThrough recent advances in technology, the number of individuals working from home offices has greatly increased in the past decade.   When individuals have taken the proper steps, home offices allow one to work from the comfort and convenience of home without sacrificing productivity.   There are a variety of reasons why individuals would choose to work from home.

Those who own and operate their own small business may choose to work from home because they do not have the necessary funds to afford a lease on a commercial property.   Many corporations now allow their employees to telecommute because it cuts down on expenses and the amount of office space needed.…

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Four Secrets to Productivity When You’re Away from the Office

productivity tips for working away from the officeMaybe you’re working the tradeshow at the industry’s big annual convention for the next four days. Perhaps it’s a long-planned romantic vacation to an exotic resort in the Caribbean. Or maybe you’re just calling it a night and are heading home for the evening. No matter what your situation, there’s likely to be a time when you aren’t at the office, but you need to access something that’s on your office computer.

Thankfully, there are plenty of options for working and being productive even when you aren’t in the office-and none of them involves packing up your office computer and lugging it with you everywhere you go!  …

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