Setting Up An Office On The Move – The Modern Day Business Person

Mobile technology means that you need not be tied to a desk (or at least your own desk) to get your administration work done. The smart business person knows that even on the move, he or she can be in touch with contacts anywhere in the world.

In a crowded and competitive marketplace, waiting to get back to the office to tie up a deal may lose you the business. Having your office in your car is the sure-fire way of getting business done instantly and without wasting time.

And while we’re talking about having an office in your car, it’s not entirely limited to that. Business can be carried out just as effectively on a train, in a hotel room and now in meeting rooms that can be hired by the hour at motorway service stations. Fully serviced offices at your convenience, wherever you are, win!

Setting Up An Office On The Move

Let’s get this straight – we’re assuming that if you’re setting up an in-car office space, you’re going to be driving the car yourself and that your budget doesn’t actually stretch to a chauffeur. We’re also assuming that you’re going to park up before you start tapping away at your computer, because we’re not huge fans of hideous traffic accidents and points on your licence.

If you’re a tablet computer user, you can have the best of both worlds by investing in an iPad keyboard. The result is a tablet that acts like a laptop, ideal for the front seat of a car.

Of course, you need connectivity and data storage as that’s the nub of working on the move. There’s nothing more reliable than USB sticks for storage, as this makes your data portable between your mobile office and the next desk you might find yourself behind.

The important thing to remember is that the mobile business person is no longer isolated. The office can be just about anywhere, and there’s no barrier to working more efficiently wherever you are.

About The Guest Author: Jonny Craft is a freelance content marketer, currently writing for USB Trader helping individual and small businesses with their business requirements.

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