If Mobile First is a Strategy, Then How Should I Think About it?

It’s not enough to say that you need to have a mobile-first strategy. Instead, you need to have the right approach to your mobile-first strategy. As mentioned, this starts by thinking about the user experience, but there is a bit more to it.

Businesswoman using smartphone

For example, content. In a desktop world, content is king. Video, long-form articles, whitepapers, etc. These tools have been around for years and while they are still important, they are not most important in a mobile-first world.

Then you have e-commerce. More people are shopping online than ever, and there are more Americans conducting searches on their phones than on desktop.…

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Could Mobile Phones Lead The Rise of The Cashless Economy in Africa?

The world is moving towards a global economy that deals less with paper and more digitalized data. Electronic payments have made substantial inroads among consumers in some developed countries, and many of these markets have been building the infrastructure for cashless transactions for a long time. However, even in the most cashless developed countries, such as the Netherlands, cash is still used in 40% of all consumer transactions.

Entrepreneur using smartphone

Trends in Africa

Africa is already leading the world in the use of mobile money, and its growth is accelerating with Internet penetration rising rapidly through mobile technology. In countries such as Kenya and Uganda, mobile-money accounts have become much more widespread than bank accounts.

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Why Your Small Business Needs to Optimize for Mobile Browsing

According to the Pew Research Center, 56% of adults own smartphones in the United States. There are also an increasing number of teens and kids using smart phones as well, for better or for worse. That’s a whole lot of people using smartphones.

This infographic from Microsoft indicates that by 2014, mobile internet should take over desktop internet usage.  That’s a huge change from even five years ago when mobile browsing was cumbersome and awkward on tiny smartphone screens.

Why Your Small Business Needs to Optimize for Mobile Browsing

Now with giant smartphone “phablets” like the Galaxy Note II, mobile browsing is an ease and even a preference over desktop browsing for some users.…

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Solutions For Small Business Mobile Security

Businesses are faced with new chances for growth and endeavors because of the incredible rise in the popularity of mobile phones. Consequently, employees have become very dependent on their wants of being able to operate business applications, to work with data on their own mobile phone, and to view their emails. This scenario became known as BYOD which means Bring Your Own Device.

Employees can do their jobs even if they are not in the office if they are provided with necessary tech tools. This is one of the benefits that employees may obtain from their employers who are managing small or middle-sized businesses.…

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Turnover Of Both Mobile And Cloud Computing Exceeds Expectations

Turnover Of Both Mobile And Cloud Computing Exceeds Expectations

When it comes to mobile and cloud computing, anyone can observe an ascending trend in terms of individual and business use. These environments have become a standard in the industry, being able to revolutionize the market as we know. In this regard, attention needs to be paid to a few important chapters:

Cost and Scalability

These two components are important for a business’s ascending, as they are able to define the limits up to which one can go. Fortunately, both these environments offer efficient deals, being very easy to observe how they delimit from the other solutions.

Cloud Service

Using cloud eliminates the need for a company to have its own IT infrastructure and also facilitate access to information with minimum effort from the users who only need an internet connection.…

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4 Truths Which Spur Growth Through Mobile

Mobile has become a global force to be reckoned with. People now have been two or three devices, and are apparently becoming addicted in particular to their smartphones.

With the growth in BYOD (bring your own devices) over the past five years small businesses are now able to hire dispersed staff located remotely, globally, as well as from a home or assigned virtual hub through secure systems.

4 Truths Which Spur Growth Through Mobile

Here are four tips which outline why a mobile device strategy is the right choice in order to give you extra dynamism, keep staff and project contractors connected and maintain productive remote business affairs:


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Enhancing Workforce Performance Through Reliable Mobility Usage

Enhancing Workforce Performance through Reliable Mobility Usage

Business structures today are more and more compelled to encourage their workers to communicate and collaborate any time, anywhere, through the use of any connected device. The rise of the telecommunications industry and its technological advancements are increasingly turning into a foundation to enable these capabilities.

Signal boosters/mobile repeaters for reliable mobility

Your business location and your choice of phone service provider can determine whether you have a reliable signal or are struggling to make coherent phone calls. The ability to go from one bar of service up to the optimal number of bars can be the signifier of whether or not your mobility usage is contributing reliably to your business.…

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Fancy Hands: The Personal Assistant You’ve Always Wanted

Fancy Hands: The Personal Assistant You've Always Wanted

In 2012, small business owners worked 42 percent more hours per week than five years ago. When running a business it’s easy to let your to-do list get out of hand; especially for those annoying tasks like scheduling appointments, sitting on hold for a customer service agent or even researching local vendors.

You may have always dreamed about having a personal assistant to whom you could delegate these mundane tasks but knew you couldn’t afford it.

Until now”¦

Let me introduce you to Fancy Hands, your new virtual assistant. For $25, $45 or $65 per month depending on the number of tasks you would like to pass along to them.…

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Setting Up An Office On The Move – The Modern Day Business Person

Mobile technology means that you need not be tied to a desk (or at least your own desk) to get your administration work done. The smart business person knows that even on the move, he or she can be in touch with contacts anywhere in the world.

In a crowded and competitive marketplace, waiting to get back to the office to tie up a deal may lose you the business. Having your office in your car is the sure-fire way of getting business done instantly and without wasting time.

And while we’re talking about having an office in your car, it’s not entirely limited to that.…

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Four Ways To Address The Changing Landscape Of Work

The business world is changing, and the mobile worker is at the forefront.   Mobile workers are not just those who travel across the country or world doing their jobs; they are also those who have the mobility to do their work in a variety of places within a building, across a campus, across an ocean or in the comfort of their home. Research has predicted that nearly 35 percent of the global workforce will be mobile in 2013.

Why the change? Technology is advancing rapidly, making it easier than ever for people to work outside of a traditional office setting. But while technology is changing, the human process of innovation has not.…

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