4 Truths Which Spur Growth Through Mobile

Mobile has become a global force to be reckoned with. People now have been two or three devices, and are apparently becoming addicted in particular to their smartphones.

With the growth in BYOD (bring your own devices) over the past five years small businesses are now able to hire dispersed staff located remotely, globally, as well as from a home or assigned virtual hub through secure systems.

4 Truths Which Spur Growth Through Mobile

Here are four tips which outline why a mobile device strategy is the right choice in order to give you extra dynamism, keep staff and project contractors connected and maintain productive remote business affairs:

1. “˜Always On’ Functionality – With a mobile powered device such as a feature phone, tablet or smartphone your workforce can be “˜always on’ when they are out at external sites, or for when they access emails, news, updates and any other tasks and connect with regions throughout the day or night.

For a senior manager it’s now an effective manner to keep a close track on speed and quality of task completion and productivity levels when data and project management dashboards are synched through mobile devices.

2. Remote Port of system files – The majority of smartphones and tablets launched these days have the functionality to activate important files from home or business systems via passwords and secure telecoms communications channels. The futuristic element of mobile devices mean that files can be accessed anywhere on the go without having to wait to return to the offices to access an internal server thereby rapidly speeding up work actions.

3. Scalability – As businesses thrives the need to have a flexible business mobile platform which grows with a workforce and operational footprint becomes integral to development. Choosing a mobile devices platform and remote support partner should be a well thought-through decision which is done in relation to forward planning. At the point when a company is in a position to add 10 or even 50 new annual licenses the preferred technology to support strategic ambitions.

4. Explosion in Mobile Apps – In the past five years mobile applications built on the three main operations systems – Google Android, Microsoft Windows and Blackberry Play – have become an increasingly important to power work-related tasks.

Work focused apps such as Expensify, Jumptrack, Evernote now all contribute to how efficient and effective workers are whether they are travelling, or at home. Mobile devices combined with powerful apps essentially allow a contemporary “˜phone to morph into the remote office.

About The Guest Author: Laura Abrar developed her career in public relations and communications with global leading and challenger technology brands, as well as in digital marketing with UK SMEs. She works alongside UK technology specialists, Team Ultra.

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